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Mrs. Gibbs A Crooked Kind of Perfect book talk

Book by Linda Urban - realistic fiction

Suzanne Gibbs

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Gibbs A Crooked Kind of Perfect book talk

by Linda Urban
Realistic Fiction

A Crooked Kind of Perfect
he follows her home and starts hanging out at her house.

With her dad.
Zoe dreams of being a well-known pianist like
Vladimir Horowitz.

She dreams of playing the piano in Carnegie Hall.
Her mom is at work all the time and doesn't have much time for Zoe.
Instead, her dad buys her an organ.

Along with the organ she gets lessons from
Miss Person.
One day at school, the music teacher is absent. Zoe ends up playing the piano so her class can sing and play percussion instruments.
Then Zoe's best friend, Emma, chooses a new best friend.

Emma and her new best friend sit together at lunch...
But Wheeler likes her music and Zoe ends up sitting at his table in the lunchroom.
With a bunch of boys.
Who burp a lot.
But her former best friend isn't very nice to her. She makes a rude comment about Zoe's playing.
Zoe Elias. She's ten. Almost eleven.
Her dad doesn't leave the house unless he absolutely has to
and he doesn't ever have a job.

When he does get up the nerve
to venture out,
he usually gets lost.
Miss Person signs Zoe up to compete playing organ in the
It's not Carnegie Hall.
It's a hotel.
She doesn't play classical music.
She plays cheesy versions of 70s hits.
Will Zoe's life ever become what she knows it could be?
Will she ever get the piano she dreams of?
You'll have to read it to find out.
This story was well-told and every page made me want to read more.
It's definitely a five-star book!!
I am looking forward to reading more by Linda Urban!
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