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The Muscular System

No description

Olivia Jones

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Muscular System

Thank You!
Your Muscles
The Muscular System is the group of structures that give your body the power to move.

Functions of the Muscular System
Allow your body to move
Pumps blood throughout the body
Moves food through the digestive system
Controls movement of air in and out of your lungs
Types of Muscles
Skeletal Muscles: The muscles attached to bones that enable you to move. These are voluntary muscles
Smooth Muscles: Muscles found in organs, blood vessels, and glands. These are involuntary.
Cardiac Muscles: Muscles found only in the walls of your heart. These are involuntary.
How Muscles Work
There are 2 basic actions for all muscle movements: Contraction & Extension.
Problems of The Muscular System
Sore Muscles: Temporary condition when Muscles Ache after strenuous exercise.
Muscle Strain: small tears to a muscle or tendon.
Muscular Dystrophy: Usually inherited disorder. Causes skeletal muscle to gradually waste away.
The Muscular System
The Heart
The Heart is a Muscle.
Regular exercise will make the heart stronger.
A healthy heart is able to pump more blood and is able to rest more between beats.
Contraction: the shortening of muscle fibers

Extension: the lengthening of muscle fibers
When you bend your arm, your biceps contract and your triceps extend. when you straighten your arm, your triceps contract and pull on the other bone in your lower arm. when your arm is straightened, your biceps extend.
Muscle Tone
Muscle Tone: the natural tension in muscle fibers.

The best way to maintain muscle tone is to stay active and eat well.
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