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About us

Megan North, Emily Wools, Mackenzie Funnell, Heather Gandy

heather gandy

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of About us

ALL ABOUT US Mackenzie Funnell Emily Wools Megan North Heather Gandy Mackenzie My favorite color is blue. I have one older brother and one younger sister. Two of my favorite things to do are cliff jumping and quad riding. I have a cow, two pigs, six chickens, one dog, and one cat. Megan * My favorite color is orange.
* I have 2 dogs.
* I'm an only child.
*My favorite sport is softball.
* My favorite college team is KU. Emily *I have 3 sisters
*I have a puppy Named Leo.
*My favorite color is purple.
*I love reading, drawing.
*I used to dance and I cheer.
*I have a large extended family. Heather *swimming
*2 siblings
*2 pets
*blue and green
*italian enchilada
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