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Mandir Rituals

How are mandir rituals the same as our own?

Vaibhav Vyas

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Mandir Rituals

Mandir Rituals Murti Darshan Pradakshina Daily Darshan When we all come to mandir, the first thing we should do is go do darshan of Maharaj and Swami. Remember the nice clothes Maharaj and Swami wear. During that tell Maharaj and Swami the mistakes you made during the week, they will forgive you. We should do this all the time!! Dandvats When we do darshan of the murtis, we should do dandvats to remind ourselves that we are truly Maharaj's haribhakta's.
Thing to know:
How do we do a dandvat?
What does it represent?
How many dandvats should we do? After dandvats, we do pradakshinas to keep ourselves calm throughout the day, and by that we say the swaminarayan mantra. We can also remember Maharaj and Swami are the "center" of our life. We should do more than 5 pradakshina's but at least 11. If we focus enough and do it with our hearts, we would be peaceful for the day. also to keep Bhagwan closer to us. We all know the site, baps.org
We should go on the website everyday and do darshan of not only the murtis but also of Swamishri in his vicharan.
Quick Questions:
1. Where is Bapa currently?
2. What is the name of the mandir of this murti? Others? Aarti
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