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The Hero: Paikea

No description

Chris Lim

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of The Hero: Paikea

The Hero's Journey
Tests, Trials, Ordeals
Paikea goes through many tests and trials to prove that she is worthy and able to be a leader and a chief. The trials, such as when she finds the whale tooth, her school concerts and when she wins a speech competition and delivers her speech in honor of her grandfather, mold her to become a true hero and leader. She uses these tests and trials to become stronger both physically and spiritually.
The Transformation and Revelation
After Paikea disappears into the ocean, Nanny Flowers, bitter in tears, gives the whale's tooth to Koro. Koro then finally realizes that Paikea was supposed to be the chief and the chosen one all along. Later that week, the family gets a phone call about Paikea and rush to the hospital. Koro repents and asks for forgiveness to his ancestors infront of Paikea. Paikea then wakes up as a new creation, a true hero and leader.
The Return with the Gift
Now that Paikea is accepted as the leader and chief, she can take part in all the events and feels very comfortable as a part of the family. Their village and community is now at peace once again.
The Hero: Paikea

Paikea is a Maori girl born in Australia. When she was being born, her twin brother and her mother died. Her grandfather, Koro, was unsatisfied with Paikea and had no heir to lead on as chief. This caused her grandfather to start a camp to select the next chief after him.
The Call
Paikea's call was when after her dad, Porourangi, visited her in Australia from Germany, she decided to move to Germany with her dad. However, while on the way to the airport, she hears a whale cry that makes her turn back and go back to her home.
The Threshold
The threshold in this movie occurs in many events such as when Paikea changes her mind to come back and not go to Germany with her dad, but when she comes back, she sees her grandfather in a meeting and ignores her presence. Also, Paikea starts disobeying her grandfathers orders such as when he tells her to sit in the back row because she is a girl, she refuses to do so and gets kicked out.
The Abyss in the Whale Rider is when during Paikeas's school concert, her grandfather found a herd of whales washed up on the shore. All the villagers helped to keep the whales alive. However, there is one big whale away from the others. Paikea gets on top of the whale and it starts moving into the ocean. Then she disappears, not afraid of dieing
The Atonement
After all the rejection and doubts about each other, Koro and his grandaughter, Paikea , finally goes back to their usual lives. Koro now accepts Paikea as the next chief and leader, and now can finally be happy since that he has found his next heir.
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