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Alicia Who Sees mice

No description

Nick Hobbs

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Alicia Who Sees mice

Alicia Who Sees Mice
By: Nick Hobbs
Alicia is a girl whose mother passed away. She now does all the cooking and cleaning for her father. Alicia also really wants to attend college, traveling far on public transportation every day so she can escape a rough homelife. To reach her dream she stays up studying and sees the mice her father says aren't real
Literary & Sound device

Literary: Imagery " beneath the four clawed tub, under he swollen floorboards"
Symbolism, the mice represent her hopes and dreams of proving her father wrong
Sound: Slant Rhyme "Alicia whose mama died, is sorry there is no one older to rise and make the lunchbox tortillas."
Structural Choices
Grammatical: "is afraid of nothing except four legged fur. And fathers." She uses fragments to describe Alicia
Instead of waiting for your dream work towards it even through the troubles of life.
Personal Connection
In the death or divorce of parents the older children must step up and take care of the younger siblings even if they have hopes and dreams of their own.
I belive the critical approach is gender, in the vignette her father states that "a woman plce is in the home" to his daughter because his wife died she was next in line to obtain her "rolling pin and sleepiness"
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