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Successful Stage 6 PDHPE Processes

An analysis of HSC PDHPE success from 2005-2011

Rod Forward

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Successful Stage 6 PDHPE Processes

HSC PDHPE Results from 2005-2014

Visual Aids
Concentration Scale
Learning Teams
Written +/- Reinforcement
At least once a term
Use student diary
Call about Ext. Resp.
Learn to questions
in HW book
Past examination questions
in syllabus friendly format
Syllabus jigsaw
PDHPE Enrichment Webinar
in October Holidays
First 2-3 minutes of each lesson
students will rearrange the learn about
and learn to syllabus points from either
a core or an option
Proactive in current
issues eg. ICT
Web 2 Tools
Personal Interviews
Extended Response
Marked on weekend and posted
anonymously around the room
Students spend 5-10 minutes reading
a variety of responses
Goal Setting
Useful Meetings
Administation meetings are scheduled weekly in the
morning, leaving our bi-termly meeting for some type
educational strategy from one or more department members
Stage 6 PDHPE Processes

Within 1 week of all assessment
tasks. Seems to motivate the middle
ability students especially. They don't like to face you after a lazy/poor performance
Social and Professional Acceptance
Lead by example: Be the one who takes on new challenges, does HSC marking or implements new pedagogy
I-Learn Project
Christmas Party instead
of presents
Delegate Responsibilities:
eg. Year group leaders
If you are complacent, your team will be also
Some of us play sport together.
We all socialise together
Teacher input is often sought,
used and credited at KLA and
whole school level
Leads to a positive teaching atmosphere
where defined results are spoken about openly.
Everyone teaches Stage 6
in turn, including me
What processes do you put in place for Stage 6 PDHPE Success?

Write down what processes are in place at your school or in your classroom.

Daily Syllabus Referral
Use of dot points in all worksheets, smart notebooks, extended response practice.
Students have copy of
syllabus and referred to
each lesson
Average 55% of students achieving over 80% in HSC
Average 5 band 6's for each of the previous 8 years
DeCourcy analysis showed students performing better in PDHPE than their other subjects for 6 of the previous 7 years
Develops self belief, effective writing style
and examination skills. Confidence generally comes
around middle term 2 for average students
Change teams each term
Great for collaborative learning:
a major pedagical focus in all years
Made accountable daily
Points reward system to increase sense of belonging and strength of each team
Last Man Standing:
6 students out the front of room. In turn
they verbalise a syllabus dash point.
Fun topics also used to add interest.
Completed every fortnight
Create a
Think of those students you have a connection with - they want to do well for you as much as for themselves
What about those students with whom you
have a personality clash. How do they
List Tests
"Kids don't care what you know
until they know that you care"
Whole staff completed course
Incentives Raffle
Lightning Writing
Journal learnings/points from
previous lesson for 2 minutes
twice weekly
Will tend to centre and calm students
as well as putting current topic in forefront of mind
Accentuate the positive: Catch students doing
the right thing
This is linked to the first lightning
writing of the week to promote accountability
Evidence indicates that the use of effective learning teams raise achievement,
promotes positive self concept, and increases regard for others.
cause of significant improvement in minority culture
and low socioeconomic groups in comparison to these groups in a normal didactic classroom
to me and/or team, class or time
Extended Response writing is proven to have a significantly positive influence on student achievement by both Hattie "Visible Learning" and 90/90 90 schools in the US.
1. Focus on academic achievement
2. Clear curriculum choices
3. Frequent assessment of student progress and multiple opportunities for improvement
4. Written responses in performance assessments
5. Collaborative scoring of student work
Common characteristics of
90/90/90 schools
Reed, 2005
Over 90% poverty
Eligibility for free and reduced lunch as surrogate for low-income families
Over 90% minority
Ethnic minorities
Over 90% achieving at high proficiency levels
Independently conducted tests of academic achievement
90/90/90 Schools: What are they?
Reed, 2005
Hattie's biggest influence on student achievement is student expectations (more than twice as significant a factor than teacher/student relationship)
Please hand this ticket to Mr. Forward for the chance to win a fantastic prize at your next year assembly
You are the recipient of this ticket for displaying excellence in PDHPE
10 classes across Stage 6
Effective Note Taking
Students must complete notes for each critical question
by the Friday after it completion in class. Accountability
Note taking templates are uniform across all cores and options. See how in following picture:
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