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Project 3


mike armata

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Project 3

"Comparing Restoration Projects" What groups are interested in "preserving" MCS? What conditions are groups "leveraging"? Other cities similar preservations? List plans or proposals for preserving MCS? What are "specific preservation standards" for future proposals? Buffalo Central Terminal King Street Station St.Louis Union Station Cincinnati Union Terminal Book Cadillac Hotel Objectives How To Use the Site Intro Description of Plans and Evaluation Preservation -The station can and should be saved.
-The energy and interest is strong.
-Potential tenants are interested.
-The owner is willing.
-The time is NOW. To research the network of people and agencies interested in MCS preservation. To compile the best existing plans into a "usable database". To evaluate current plans for preserving MCS and to select the best. To develop a "preservation forum" that effectively brings together the diverse attempts to "save MCS" - Detroit Police Station (filling up 1/3 of the building). - Canadian Pacific Railways (contruct double stacked tall tunnels).
$400 million project.
- Homeland Security (use the property for Border Protection). Methods of Obtaining Facts Michigan Central Station Welcome! Audience Invitation Open Source Model - Convention Center (Hotels and restaurants) - Goal of preservation engineering - Applying preservation engineering to the MCS - The preservation engineering forum (online) - Interior Preservation - Exterior Preservation
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