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Remind 101

No description

Kasey COx

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Remind 101

What is Remind 101?
Remind 101 is a safe way for teachers to communicate with their students and stay in touch with parents for free. It is a one-way broadcast system that effectively takes communication beyond the classroom doors.
Advantages of Remind 101 are:
The teacher can post about homework assignments, test reminders, schedule changes, field trip reminders, fun facts, and trivia.
The app does not require a phone number so no personal information has to be submitted. (only an E-mail address)
The disadvantages to Remind 101 include:
Teachers can only add one class for free
Students can not see other students questions or comments because all messages between users must be direct.
Messages can only be 140 characters, therefore they have to be straight to the point.
Remind 101 supports connectivist learning in how students have to be able to recognize new information that was not presented in class and make decisions based on this information.
Teachers are able to connect with there students by sharing information about the class through a simple message.

What does Remind 101 have to offer?
The app is set us in a text message format so its familiar to most students.
Messages are sent instantly
Teachers will never see their students phone numbers and viseversa
Easy to sign up
No cost
Teachers can schedule messages so they don't have to remember to send them

Features Cont.
Teachers can attach images to their messages.
Teachers can record and send a voice clip to the entire class.
Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Reminder 101
To Learn more about Reminder 101 and how you can use it in your classroom, go to www.remind.com
Remind 101
Presented by: Kasey Cox, Laura Villagrana, Caitlin Kiene
Even tho it is an app, Remind 101 is also available as a website.
Quick and easy!
Great for teachers constantly on the go
Teachers use this app in learning because it is a quick and easy way that students can receive information. They don't have to wait to connect with their students.

Everything they have to say can be shared immediately. The students can not have an excuse for not recieving the messages because they are sent directly to the phone.
A weakness we found in Reminder 101 is that not all students are technology friendly. Some may not have an iphone or be able to get on the internet easily. This could cause problems with the student missing the information that the teacher is sending.
Reminder 101 App design
The End
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