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SELOR presentatie delegatie Japan

No description

Kristof Sneyers

on 24 September 2011

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Transcript of SELOR presentatie delegatie Japan

Make your talent public
Selection office of the Federal Government
Mission and Vision
to execute demand-driven and competence-oriented Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and certification tasks for its customers, and in this way
contribute actively to the policymaking within the integrated functioning of Personnel &Organization policies
Selor reaches for the highest degree of professionalism and customer-orientation within the boundaries of deontological rules
Management principles organization
Closed envelop
Flat organization
Attention for the candidate's talent
- To service a client in quick and efficient way by means of a client oriented end to end and total solutions approach.
- To empower the client in order to give him more autonomy in filling his needs.
- To delineate, optimize and professionalize the product- en services catalogue supported by R&D and a strategic CRM.
Selor Talentmanagement
Selor Proximity
- To offer an added value to the candidate after a screening by Selor.
- To lower the threshold for talented profiles and to increase the personal approach by a tailor made service.
Powered by Selor
- To offer competence based solutions and to attract new customers by means of a proper methodology, supported by innovative tools and know-how.
- To certify clients and partners in the Selor methodology in order to increase the recognition and to build an external workforce capacity.
Center of expertise
- To install an HR-policy with a focus on leveraging the expertise, the leadership and a client oriented, end-to-end responsibility of the employees
- To work in a more efficient en professional way to optimize and document the processes, supported by a clear organizational structure
Selor Engagement
- To position Selor as a trendsetter in corporate governance
Federal Government Services (FGS)
Scientific Institutions
Public Utilities
Flemish Community
Brussels Capital Region
Walloon Region
French Community
German Community
Government linked Customers
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