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Ancient Chinese Invention

Iron Plow

sunmafer muñgoduna

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Invention

Iron Plow Ancient Chinese Inventions What is an Iron Plow? When and where does the iron plow invented? How does the iron plow works? The iron plow was an easy way to plant many crops like soil corn rice etc. This Chinese invention make the Agricultural Revolution began in China. The Iron plow was not invented until first century B.C. The iron plow was base on the invention of the plow and this technology was improve. Iron Plow Chinese Invention Iron plow images. It was invented in China during(475-221 B.C.). During the warring states period. . That is use to break and prepare the topsoil of a field. It also helps to kill weeds and bury the remains of the previously planted crops. Before after An iron plow is a farming invention that help plant crops. by Sundari Muñiz and Maribe
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