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Governor general

No description

sharon lolipops

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Governor general

Governal General of Canada: David Johnston

Level: Federal

Branch of Government: Legislative

The Governor General makes sure that Canada has a PM and that government is stable.
He carries out duties for the head of state (queen) and signs official documents and meets regularly with PM.

Prime minister of Canada: Stephen Harper

Level: Federal

Branch of Government: Executive

The prime minister provides direction to Canadian government, presides in cabinet meetings
and gives reference to major figures who are to be appointed in the government.
Senator of Canada: Lynn Beyak (conservative)

Level: Legislative

Branch of Government: Federal

Senators debate and pass bills, keep members up to date and schedule meetings, they are also responsible for settling conflicts between institutions.

Supreme court of Canada judge: Richard Wagner

Level: Federal

Branch of Government: Judicial

The supreme court judge makes decision between parties based on facts and he also has jurisdiction over criminal prosecutions. He makes sure that bills passed by legislative government are enforced.
Premier of Ontario: Kathleen Wynne

level: Provincial

Branch of government: member of legislative assembly, head of executive

The premier is a representative of the provincial interests to the federal government, she
provides direction and authority for Ontario. Also
-develops policies and priorities for province.
leader of opposition (Ontario): Tim Hudak

level: provinicial

branch of government: member of legislative assembly, Executive

The leader of the oppositions duty is to "oppose", he
suggest improvements and gives alternative to the government. He also
exposes weaknesses in the government so that a solution can be found.
Mayor of Vaughan: Maurizio Bevilacqua

level: Municipal

branch of government: Executive

The mayor see's that law for municipal government is carried out, he makes
policies for municipal services, and he also
presents/communicates information to the council to get his vision across.
Federal cabinet minister: Tony Clement

Level: Federal

Branch of government:

A federal cabinet minister helps prime minister by giving ideas and sharing opinion, they are
responsible for specific areas such as finance, national defense, etc. They also are responsible for
submitting money bills to the parliament.

Member of Parliament: Patrick Brown

Level: Federal

Branch of government: Legislative

A mp influences legislation through various debates that happen in the parliament. They are responsible for supporting one main party, and they also debate and vote on bills in the chamber.

Municipal Councilor (Vaughan): Michael Di Biase

Level: Municipal

Branch of government: Executive

A municipal Councilor represents the community, sharing the interests of the city. He participates in council meetings to evaluate policies, and he also tries to keep the city maintained and financially stable.
The governor General has the most power:

The head of state in Canada is the Queen/sovereign, but since she cannot always be in Canada the governor general takes her place. The governor general is the representative for the queen and has the most power and authority. They have so much power that without their consent laws do not get passed, country does not go to war, election cant be held, etc. The reason I think they have the power to make things happen is because when you think about it they are just as important as the prime minister, maybe even more. Absolutely nothing happens in the country until the governor general is informed. If something happens to the prime minister or he/she resigns, it is the governor general's job to make sure that the government continues and has a prime minister. The governor general is also responsible for summoning the Parliament and reading the speech from the throne.
Who is who in the government?
By: Sharon
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