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Case Study: The Vanna Venturi House

No description

Jennifer Barbes

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Case Study: The Vanna Venturi House

Case Study: The Vanna Venturi House
The Architect: Robert Venturi

born in 1925 in Philadelphia
Studied at Princeton University School of Architecture
Continued at American Academy in Rome
Awarded Pritzker Prize in architecture
Literary Work
Authored "Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture" (1966)
Called for eclectic approach to design and openness
"messy vitality"

Coauthored "Learning from Las Vegas"
attempted to untangle perceived flaws in architecture

Branded as a rebel
"Less Is A Bore"
Began to question designs of modernist architecture
Acording to Venturi modernism was:
stark, plain, and disengaging
did not employ symbolism
lifeless with a lack of vitality
Venturi ' s Approach
Architecture should employ:
Symbolism and local influence
traditional vernacular
Responsive architecture
ambiguity and paradox
Allen Memorial
Art Museum
Seattle Art
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