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What do Girls want in a Guy ?

No description

Tommy Ford

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of What do Girls want in a Guy ?

What do Girls want in a Guy A Best Friend but Better
A girl wants someone real who is going to be there for her when she needs help, someone who she laughs and jokes around with, someone who is sweet and kind, someone who won't pressure said girl into anything she doesn't want to do. Someone who really actually cares about what she thinks, not just what she looks like. What Do You Think a Girl Wants from a Guy? A Guy That Makes Her Laugh
It helps if you could make her laugh at jokes and all :) A Person Like Them
I don't mean that you should pretend to love everything they love, but mostly, it helps if you have similar interests. And hang out with her - if she goes to play tennis during gym, one day, you could go do it too? Show her you love her! Real Respect
What a girl really wants in a a man is real respect, real love, real affection and not just respect by mouth only, but by action, not just love and affection thru sex. Be Yourself
Most girls will say that they like a guy who has good looks; but some guys who have good looks are abusive (not all, only some). Girls really want three main things out of a relationship: to feel loved, to have a listening ear, and someone who they could easily brag about or someone who could raise their own status. That may be the reason why girls will date guys who are super hot but good-for-nothing. Although they may not be respected or maybe not even loved, they will stay with that guy because they look good to the public. It's pretty sad because, as "ConfusedandDateless" pointed out, many girls will pass over guys who will make them happy and who will love them for who they are just so that they can date someone higher up on the status pyramid. Ultimately, it is a matter of self-image/esteem. If you as a person continue to look at yourself negatively, you are going to find all of the wrong ways out of that situation. Unfortunately, that is the story for most girls today. =( Guy Who Make Them Feel Good
Girls like guys who make them feel good, whether it's by complimenting them, making them laugh, or laughing at their jokes. But they also want a guy who is sweet and is there for them when we need you. Affection
All a girl wants is affection. She wants to feel loved by him, he should do nice things for her like surprise her, give her small things that make her feel special in some sort of way. Also not to base their relationship of physical things like watches or earrings. Guys should do something more sentimental like make her dinner or he should make a bracelet of his own a give it to her. All that matters is that there is deeper meaning than just the physical property of the gift, there should also be a sentimental meaning. Love
A girl wants love and affection from a guy. Maybe she feels lonely and wants comfort. Attention, But Not Too Much
Girls like attention but when a guy won't leave them alone, some of them can get a little turned off. They don't need some one to constantly text them or be with them all the time. They sometimes need space and they'll let you know. You gotta trust, respect them and give them the attention they love. And be honest if somethings bugging you. Girls will appreciate the truth even if they don't like it at first. 1. Girls Don't Only Like Confident Guys
They get a little worried if you freeze up when they talk to you, but otherwise, it's OK to be shy. It makes it even more impressive if you approach them first. Take a chance; don't hold back. It's better than spending your entire life wondering "what if...?" What Girls Really Think About Guys 2. Girls Don't Care Much About Your Bad Skin
Acne isn't rare in teens! Most girls will see past it, so don't stress. It's likely that the majority of people around you also have acne, including girls. One day you'll get over the acne stage, but for now, just know it's not a factor that girls care too much about. 3. Girls DO Care About Hygiene
It's OK to let yourself go sometimes, like on the weekends or when you're out getting sweaty. But a guy who showers daily, shaves regularly, brushes his hair and teeth and has nice nails is appealing. But don't wear nail polish! Not to be sexist, but it's unappealing to most girls because it's feminine. Also, some girls can't stand guys who bite their nails, so try not to. (Though they do it sometimes, too.) 4. Don't Be Afraid to Have Fun
When it comes to flirting and dating, have fun and be yourself. That way, if you don't get the girl in the end, you'll still have your friends, some great memories, and your whole life ahead of you. Don't push your friends away or fight over a girl or anything like that. It's never worth it. 5. Not Every Girl Wants the Stereotypical, Masculine Guy
You know...like guys with big muscles, a six-pack and tanned skin.They, prefer a guy who's more natural looking. If you like to work out and take care of yourself, then by all means, go for it, that's great! But don't go overboard 'cause at the end of the day, you still have to be cuddly .  6. Girls Won't Stand for Being Used
Don't even think about asking a girl out if you're going to use her and then dump her! Most girls don't want to have sex until they're married or have met the right person. Don't ever force a girl to do anything, and don't try to get a girlfriend just to get lucky. If that's the case, give up now.They're looking for someone to love, to date long-term, and to adore for the way they make them feel. 7. Girls Don't Like to Be Teased Too Much
They hate it and get the complete wrong idea from it. It makes them feel self-conscious, and often, if a guy who teases a girl ends up asking her out, she'll have her doubts and be put off. Treat her well - compliment her, strike up conversations. Don't sit on FB waiting for her to make the first move. Girls love a man who makes the first move. 8. The "Bad Boy" Thing Probably Won't Work
The "bad boy" persona isn't appealing to all girls. If you try to be "bad" for a girl and things with you two don't work out, then your reputation is ruined. And if you're not really a bad boy, then you're being fake. You're better off just being yourself. 9.Girls Like You Just the Way You Are
Girls don't expect you to change. They love you whether you're large, skinny, tall, short...whatever. THEY LOVE YOU. The little things you do can be more than enough to get a girl hooked: open a door, pick up something she's dropped, say hi, help her when she's struggling in class...whatever it is, she will appreciate it. Whenever a guy does something to or for a girl - good or bad - she'll think about it for the next few minutes or right up until she go to bed at night. Don't confuse them or leave them with a bad impression of you. Part 2 coming soon
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