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Marketing Communication - Creative Strategy


Simon Tran

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Communication - Creative Strategy

End user of Coles Premium Jewellery Products
25 – 40 years old
Income of $60,000+ per year
Strong interest in fashion Target Audience
The idea that we tie memories in with the pieces of jewelry that are worn to certain occasions.
Coles Premium Jewellery allows us to purchase fashion-forward, high quality pieces of jewellery
Different pieces of jewellery for each special occasion in our lives, so our memories and ‘stories’ do not become muddled. Message of the Campaign Is the audience willing to process information?
Is the audience capable of processing information?
Central processing route; providing a message about the benefits the product can provide the consumer.
Our ad uses the Central processing route, providing the message that each piece of jewelry has its own story/history behind it. MEDIA TOOLS PR - Event Marketing Increase awareness and boost sales.
Magazines have a well defined target audience.
Long life that reaches beyond the immediate issues.
Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar
January 2013 – July 2013
One full page spread per month. Print Media - Magazines Increase awareness and change attitude.
Event marketing is effective in raising awareness and encouraging interaction with the brand.
Targeted at the fashion industry. ‘Every piece has a story’ Peripheral vs Central Route Affective Cognitive Conative PERSUASION STRATEGY Theme of campaign: Story – “Every piece has a story”
Using emotional advertising: story about jewellery through different stages of emotion ( From “ The first earring” to “ The 50th anniversary”).
Emotion connected to CPJ: happiness, romance, passion.
Outcome: stronger brand name, enhance the likeability of CPJ. Affective Strategy Key benefits claim Australian High Quality Unique Design Nationality Self- respect last longer
beauty beauty
distinctive Social status
Pleasure Wisdom
Happiness Attribute Benefits value FOCUS ON AFFECTIVE STRATEGY Mock up design for Magazines 6 full page spread Each month has a different story Special ones promoting the sponsored fashion event LOGO 01.03.13 05.03.13 FASHION WEEKEND SYDNEY 10.05.13 13.05.13 EVENT Before & After the show Welcoming pictures in our banner
Models wearing CPJ
Display window with products of CPJ
Exhibition " The behind the scene" Before Camilla's runway, a video would be projected showing her history, why she believes australian designers are unique and how fashion and accessories make women feel special, linking and introducing CPJ as AN AUSTRALIAN luxury Jewellery brand. During the show SPONSORSHIP PLANNING STAGE 3. CREATIVE STRATEGY IMAGINE AGENCY IMAGINE AGENCY Andrea Huong Kelly Takumi Maria Simon for Coles Premium Jewellery AGENDA 1. Target Audience
2. Media Strategies
3. Benefits claim
4. Persuasion Strategy
5. Execution & Mock Design logo and tag line the story behind theme of the campaign A Closer look SPECIAL EDITION for FASHION WEEK Thank you for your attention!
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