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Alex Teng

No description

alex teng

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of Alex Teng

Hi,my name is Alex Teng. I like to hang out with my friends and i like to eat a lot. They always call me chipmunk because i eat a lot and i like to stuff my mouth with food so they call me that. My birthday is January 15 and i live in Markham with my mom and my relatives live really close to where i live. My dad works overseas. My favourite pet to own are dogs. I really like west highland terriers. I love sports especially basketball, swimming, bike riding, cross country, and others. My favourite colour is green. I am really random and hyper all the time. I am just crazy in general. I love to eat food. I love ice cream and watermelons. I also like strawberries, and i love seafood. The End
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