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12 Types of Feature Articles

Background information identifying feature news articles with tips on how to write a feature news story.

Andrea Allen

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of 12 Types of Feature Articles

The 12 Types of
Feature Stories Colour Story Human Interest Story News Feature Lifestyle Feature Travel Story Backgrounder General Feature *Describes a scene, or “slice of life”
*Conveys atmosphere or “feel” of event
*Can be written
to accompany a news story or as an independent piece *The focus is on a person or group
*Addresses emotion first and information second
*Can be written by focusing on dramatic event or by
focusing on a less dramatic but difficult situation *The most common type of feature in newspapers
*Starts with the news
and then explains reasons for events
*Examines implications *Accompanies main news story
*Clear and concise
*Gives background necessary to understand main story
*Background briefing format
*Question-and-answer format *Service story, “news you can use”
*Information about life and how to live it better
*Often in magazines
*3 types
List (eg, Six nutritious vegetables to grow)
Issue (eg, Vegetable growing for a better diet)
Idea (eg, How to grow carrots) *Story about travel
*Has information for travellers, insider tips, etc
*Often relates to narrator as well as place *Topic of intrinsic interest to readers
*Often held until a suitable news event occurs and is
then published alongside news story Interview Piece *Confined to a single interview
*Often in question & answer format
*Maybe strengthened with background information *About an individual, like a mini-biography
but with multiple perspectives
*Can include interview material Profile *In-depth study of topic
*Contains revelations, controversy Investigative Feature *Review of book, film, theatre, etc Review *Regular feature in newspaper or magazine
*Written by one author
*Includes knowledge, wit, personality
*Five types
-Service and advice (eg gardening)
-Pundit, expressing opinion
-Personal (any topic columnist wants to talk about)
-Specialist (expert on particular topic) Column
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