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Water Quality

A study on water quality

R. O. Ann

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Water Quality

Mr. Chips: A Water Study Matt Clark, Jane Kidd,
Kelly Scenna, and Katie Pinkerton
The Site: Siebert Creek About 75% of all water that drains from JMU's 645 acre campus runs into Seibert Creek Can vary from a shallow, sleepy creek to a speedy torrent depending on weather.
Water Quality Results Observations of the Ecosystem Some factors that make Siebert Creek inhospitable:
Inconsistent water rate and levels depending on weather(storm run off).
Eroded bank and drowned / swept away plant life.
Stream is bordered by carefully maintained landscapes.
Interpretation Based on Results and Observation Rainfall has a dramatic effect on the quality of the stream, specifically on the Dissolved Oxygen, Water Hardness, and Phosphates, resulting high variability.
Excess fertilizers from landscaping can also add unhealthy amounts of nitrates to the stream after rainfall.
Although pH and Dissolved Oxygen were at acceptable levels, Nitrates, Phosphates, and Water Hardness were all fairly high.

Conclusions Storm water run-off adversely affects Siebert Creek.
Greater effort needs to be expended to maintain healthier water levels.
Better water rate regulation would also benefit the area.
Bibliography A Bend in the River by Chris Bolgiano
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