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Copy of How to Select Sources

No description

Kate Rubick

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of How to Select Sources

SEARCH W Search Search Government Facts online Guide to
Everything Garcia & Smith Human Brains Search Here's What I Think! searchbox at
library.lclark.edu Keyword Search Here... Guy's Some How to
Sources University Press There's a lot of information
out there. Different sources are better
for different things. Different search tools
find different sources. Why is this
worth knowing? Not All Websites are Created Equal WEBSITES BOOKS Some of that information
is questionable or wrong. Lots of information
that's easy to find. How to find them: Take a long time
to read. Lots of information collected in one place. How to find them: Web Search Tools LC Worldcat *web search is run by big corporations *this finds print and electronic books and more! Look for books from a University Press
or Professional Organization. BLOG! ARTICLE search! Search... GO! Today's News Academic
Quarterly volume 12
issue 4 ARTICLES Often lack context or background information. Short, to the point. Lots are online. How to find them: Scholarly Articles are written
by experts.
They present
peer-reviewed research. Popular Articles are written
by journalists.
They present
opinions and current events. Library Databases *different databases cover different topics Insider Trade Articles are written
by professionals.
They present current news for specific industries. Report Watzek Library
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