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Yellowstone National park

Wolves is the Main :)

Alexis Embry

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Yellowstone National park

Yellowstone National Park By: Alexis Embry Who found it? The main attraction... WOLVES Information on the park Thomas Francis Meagher who was the territorial governor decided that it should be a land mark and Ferdinand V. Hayden thought the same and agreed. He believed in setting aside the area as a pleasure ground for the research and enjoyment of the people . it was made a land mark in 1872 and was the first national park. What is the Reason? The reason is because it is a place where The Lewis and Clark expedition once crossed. and they wanted some area for research and scientist still trying to figer out what lives in the woods. Also the land marks are legendary, They have yellow river and yellow falls that runs through yellow stone .in which they named the park after. They also have the colorful hot springs and geyesures.And why not stay and see the grand canyon that you can see from the park as well. What are the biotic Factors? In Need Wolves killed farmers cattle. Farmers not happy set out traps,poisen and shot them on the spot.Wolves were hunted to almost extinction, Put on the endangered list.Yellowstone tempted to bring the wolves back. To let them have a secound chance and where they had elk,bison, and deer their Main prey. Wolves!! :) Saved! Successful there is now 1,500 wolves in Yellowstone from the 66 brought here. The wolves do not have the fear of getting hunted any more there. Now all they have to do is survive the harsh weather of YellowstoneThey are the main attraction and has a hour that you can see the wolves without the harm to them or us. Love wolves people!!!! Abiotic: Fires,Rain,Dirt Yellowfalls,rocks ANIMALS They are the deer,elk,bison,spawing salmon,wolves,brownbears,coyotes, rabbits,Birds; eagles,hawks, finches,
Turtles,foxes,moose,Trees;oak,pine, cypress,Many different types of flowers and vegitation. Hot spring Geyesures are hot springs that erupt rapidly. The eruptions is the result of super Hot water below the ground and start to become trapped in some of the channels leading to the surface.The water cannot vaporize because of the weight of the water above. Instead, steam is sent upwards in bubbles, collecting in the channel’s tight spots until they Suddently become clogged and the water erupts out with great fource and shots out of the top.the most famous geyesure is old fatefull, Thousands of people tour her. geyesures Hope you liked my prezi! Hot Springs are similar to geysers, but their underground channels are large enough to allow a steady flow of water so there is less force or presser of water under the ground. Rising hot water releases heat by evaporation or hot water streams, The micro-organisms that live in the hot springs often make the pools very colorful. hot spring oak tree Geography Yellowstone is one of the most unique areas in the world. The majority of the Park sits atop a once active valcono Called "Caldera" that is now a dorminte stage, but once blew its top. The geography features of Yellowstone composed up of alot of of geysers and colorful hot springs. nearly 10,000 years ago glaciers coverd the land. The tempature started to rise, and the glasiers melted and moved large boulders scattered across the northern part Yellowstone that were deposited by the melting ice cap.In the mountains surrounding Yellowstone National Park there is Yellowstone Lake,the largest high mountain lake in North America at the hight of 7733 feet A variety of fossils have been discovered in and around Yellowstone. They found plants,dinosaurs and water orginisms too. Sites Google: Wikipedia,Yellowstone National Park castle.eiu.edu From the site: Picture Picture From the site:
wildnatureimages.com YouTube: Yellowstone wolves (its the video) Google images; Yellowstone Animals and www.Nationalgeographic.com for some of the photo's. National distasters Some of the disasters that hit Yellowstone are horrible. Here is a list of the different types of storms they get:
*lightning and thunder storms
*a volcanic eruption that took place 10,000 years ago
*floods and
*Rain Animals Wolves
White-tailed Deer
wild pigs Fish Salmon
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