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Plagiarism Prezi

Emily Rath, Hayden Pulis, Zach Causey

Emily Rath

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Plagiarism Prezi

by Emily Rath, Hayden Pulis,
and Zach Causey Plagiarism Prezi A serious crime Plagiarism Practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as ones own. Will James Middle School- The first time you are caught plagiarizing, you will have ISS. For the second time, you will have OSS.
West High School- You will have a zero on the assignment, parents will be informed, and repeated times plagiarizing will result in going to the Assistant Principal Office. M.S.U.B.- You will be given an "F" on the assignment, and depending on how bad, you may be submitted to an Institutional Review. Consequences of plagiarism "The Resourceful Citer", "The Labor of Laziness", and "The Photocopy" Three types of Plagiarism "Plagiarism." Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Tenth Edition. 1996.

. "Student Handbook 2012-2013 ." Billings West High School. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Sep. 2012. <http://billingswest.billings.k12.mt.us>.

. "Student Conduct ." student policies and procedures. N.p., n.d. Web. <http://www.msubillings.edu/VCSA/PDF/StudentHandbook.pdf>. Cited Sources "The writer properly cites all sources, paraphrasing, and using quotations appropriately. The catch? The paper contains almost no original work! It is sometimes difficult to spot this form of plagiarism because it looks like any other well-researched document." "The Resourceful Citer" "The Labor of Laziness" "The writer takes the time to paraphrase most of the paper from other sources and make it all fit together, instead of spending the same effort on original work." Sources not cited Sources cited (but still plagiarized) "The Photocopy" Sources not cited "The writer copies significant portions of text straight from a single source, without alteration." Definition of Plagiarism Examples for the three types of Plagiarizing Jim wrote a paper for his English class. He cited properly, paraphrased properly, and he used quotations appropriately. The only thing that he didn't do was use original work. He almost didn't get caught for plagiarizing because it looks like any other well-researched document but eventually the teacher noticed and he ended up receiving a zero on his paper for this. "The Resourceful Citer" - "The Photocopy" - "The Labor of Laziness" - Suzy waited until the last day to do her homework so, to make it easy on herself, she decided to copy and paste from a website onto her assignment. She didn't paraphrase, she didn't cite, she didn't use quotations appropriately, and she didn't alter any of the text to make it in her own words.

Who Plagiarized- Kearns Goodwin(Historian at Kansas University Dole's Institute Of Politics.)
What they did- McTaggart complained that many
passages .from Goodwin's book were nearly exact to parts of her 1983 book on Kathleen Goodwin's book( "The Fitzgeralds and The Kennedys.") Goodwin's book was scrutinized, and it showed that at least five passages were plagiarized.
Consequences- Kearns Goodwin was not allowed to speak at Kansas University's Dole Institute of Politics in the fall. Real Life Plagiarism . "Types of Plagiarism." plagiarism dot org. iParadigms, LLC, 05 07 2009. Web. 30 Sep 2012. <http://www.plagiarism.org/plag_article_types_of_plagiarism.html>. Plagiarism pics Leah and Nathan did a paper together for social studies. It was well written, fit together nicely, and mostly paraphrased. Too bad they didn't spend as much time on having original work. They got caught for plagiarizing.
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