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Staff Grupo

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of SCANIA_Dynamic_Experience_2018

a day of dynamic tests with customers from all over Europe Scania.
the new Scania V8 model.
a close event that strengthen the bonds of union.
interaction between all attendees.
a lasting experience in time.
the pride of belonging to the company
From the
and with the support of
Scania Hispania
, the company wants to organize a set of travel next spring with customers at European level in Spain.

A close encounter which will take place in Malaga from
April 23 to June 15.
There will be different dynamic tests of the
new model Scania V8 in Ascari Circuit Resort,
one of the most impressive international circuits, and surrounding area.
Arrival in Malaga and transfer to the hotel.
Day 1
Check-in at the hotel
19.00 h:
Cultural activity.
21.00 h
: Dinner at restaurant show.
Day 2
Program clients:
Transfer to the Ascari circuit Resort.
Lunch at the circuit.
Transfer to hotel.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Partners Program:
Cultural activity.
Lunch at restaurant.
Collectively program:
Free time
Transfer to restaurant for activity groups and joint dinner.
First transfer to Hotel after dinner
Second transfer to Hotel after service cocktail bar.
Return to Malaga airport transfer
Day 3
even more if possible, the brand image.
Barceló Marbella Hotel 4 *

The Barceló Marbella Hotel is a cozy colonial-style hotel located in Guadalmina, one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella, in the
heart of the Costa del Sol.

The Barceló Marbella rooms are spacious, bright and stylish and feature all the comforts to offer a comfortable stay. It also boasts a swimming
Turkish bath
to enjoy leisure time.

Located 58,9 km from the circuit of Ascari

Urbanización Guadalmina Alta, Calle de Granadillas, s/n, 29670 Marbella, Málaga
Dinner & show. Marbella or Estepona:
Proposal 1: Finca Amalur.

Located just five minutes from the city center of Marbella, it is a new, creative and distinctive place famous for offering an incredible view of the
over the Mediterranean.

Finca Amalur chefs are committed to the taste and the quality of
Andalusian products
with the aim of promoting the city. They offer gastronomic avant-garde proposals based on the classic recipes combining
with the
new trends.

An elegant space within a natural environment, which make it the perfect setting to host a different and dynamic
gala dinner.

Day 1
C / Cristo de los Molinos n. CP. 29600 Marbella, Málaga
Dinner & show. Marbella or Estepona:
Proposal 2: Atelier. Dani García.

Guests can enjoy the
most innovative Andalusian cuisine
in the restaurant Atelier of Dani Garcia, reserved exclusively for them.

Dani García,
chef with
two michelin stars
, is positioned as one of the
most internationally Andalusian
chefs today.

His Atelier restaurant, located in Marbella, is the
center of research and development
where Dani and his team create daily maximum
avant-garde dishes
products innovation.

A space equipped with the latest
, the latest culinary techniques and new systems and materials for the creation of
in the gastronomic field.
Day 1
Urbanización Villa Parra Palomeras, 60, 29602 Marbella, Málaga
Dinner & show. International Flamenco Fussion

After dinner, guests can enjoy living a
flamenco show
where they will live the passion and excitement that reigns in this land.

The hand of Angélica Leyva, artist of great recognition within the national panorama, we propose a show with all the elements needed to enjoy flamenco at its purest:
magnificent voice, flamenco guitar, dance...

This great artist, has become in part essential of the
most prestigious Flamenco companies internationally
. One of her most recent successes, arrived at the beginning of this year, to become one of the pre-selected people at
Objetivo Eurovision 2017.

The best
Flamenco passion show
that will transport guests to a world full of
, where the magic of the show will make them
with every chord and stomping of the artists.

Day 1
The guests will learn step by step how to make a delicious paella counting with the
most famous rice experts
in the city.

Divided into teams , each group will have an
and a
La Toque Blanche

to produce the different recipes as authentic chefs. Guests also will participate at the same time in a
contest of Sangría,

typical Andalusian cocktail.

Once the paella and sangria is ready, participants will be able
to taste

the exquisite result
, but a jury formed by expert Andalusian chefs, will be who will decide the winning team.

Those who get greater appreciation by this professional will receive a small gift: a bag of
D.O. Calasparra rice
per person.
Day 2
. Dinner & show cooking
Restaurant for activity and dinner:

Proposal 1: Alabardero Beach Club.

Located in
first-line of beach in San Pedro de Alcántara,
with spectacular views of the rock of Gibraltar and the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, it becomes the perfect alternative to enjoy a dinner nearby and different, where you learn all the secrets of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Alabardero Beach Club is in its essence a restaurant with more than
25 years of history,
through which have passed the most exquisite palates to enjoy the wide variety of dishes offered by this restaurant of great prestige in Marbella.

A cozy atmosphere with garden areas, where you can enjoy an original gastronomic activity.

Day 2
. Dinner
URB Castiglione, s/n 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Marbella, Málaga.
Pangea Club.

Located in
Puerto Banus
, Pangea is one of the most famous clubs in the area. Located in an
incomparable setting,
overlooking the port, it is the perfect setting to enjoy a premium cocktail in a
environment, accompanied by the
best music hits.
Day 2
. After dinner
Puerto Banus | Muelle de Ribera, 29660, Marbella, España

Guests will be able to know Ronda in a
way and
through the Customs and culture of the city.

They will have the opportunity to enter the
most representative
bars where they will taste different typical products of Andalucía:
honey, cheese, nuts, oils...
In addition, they access exclusively to the convent of the
Franciscan Sisters
, where you can try the typical sweets.

To provide greater interest activity, partners will become real craftsmen. At the same time enjoying the
beautiful views of Ronda,
accompanied by the
typical tapas
, tops in a workshop of leather reserved in
they can make their own
purse leather
, and stamp the logo of Scania.

In addition, to give a touch of art to this activity, they may also show his more
creative side
in a
printing workshop
, where they will learn different
techniques of engraving
, to later
your own postcard of round.

After breakfast at the hotel, guests will be transfered to the
Ascari Circuit Resort
, where they will discover the new Scania and other tests of dynamics of the new model.

is located in the
Sierra de Ronda
, a few kilometres from the most
exclusive area of Marbella.
It is the
longest track in Spain
and one of the
most spectacular in the world,
with a distinctive and very attractive character for motor lovers.

In contrast to other circuits, it is surrounded by
native forests
, the
perfect base for nature lovers

While customers are on the Ascari Resort, making different
dynamic tests
, their partners will be doing different
cultural activities
. After lunch, all of them, enjoy
free time.

The city of Ronda is surrounded by natural parks and places that offer the best quality of ecological and local product, so we propose an
experiential, sustainable and gastronomic activity
in which
plays an essential role.

Guests will enjoy a perspective more
modern, current and enriching
of the Andalusian culture in the hands of an
expert in organic oil
that will provide unique experiences for guests.

They will visit the ecological garden of
La Almaraza Experience
, a gastronomic space famous for producing a
unique and exceptional quality oil.

An experience that will learn the entire
of oil, from the picking of the olives. In addition, during the screening of a video about the culture of oil, guests can enjoy a
Spanish tapas
with a natural landscape in the background.

An activity full of flavor that will end with a very special tasting of oils, where, in addition, each guest will receive a
bottle of the Organic oil
as a gift.

Proposal 2: Azahar restaurant .

Located in a natural environment, integrated in a landscape of mountains, this restaurant offers a
spectacular view
of Ronda.

The restaurant Azahar offers an
gastronomic space inspired by the
Andalusian cuisine
combined with a few subtle touches of international cuisine. Traditional dishes with a touch of creativity that will surprise all palates.
Calle Jerez, 25, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Proposal 3: Abades Ronda restaurant

Located in the heart of Ronda next to one of the oldest and
most monumental of the country Bullrings
, Abades Ronda, is an ancient and stately mansion traditional Andalusian where enjoy
Mediterranean cuisine
at the same time can be seen breathtaking views over the city.
Paseo Blas Infante, 1, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Day 2
Andalusian culinary heritage
goes beyond the internationally known topics. For this reason, we propose an exclusive and private activity to discover the secrets of
traditional fishing in the costa del Sol.
An activity in which they will discover the coastal

Accompanied by the
breeze Mediterranean
, the parnerts will discover the most characteristic places of the
Estepona port
and know the culture of the
Spanish food,
especially of the
. They will arrive at a typical
, where they will compete to get
''El Espeto de Oro''.
They would have to cook the
best skewers
and correctly roasting the sardines, or like Andalusian says:

Those who get the highest score, I received the trophy
''El Espeto de Oro''
. In addition, the rest of contestants took away the book
Sardines on the spit,
with the best recipes of sardines.
Dynamization dinner:

After dinner, the guests will continue to enjoy different
with all
five senses
, in the hands of professionals of the cocktail bar, which will be a display of techniques applied to the preparation of the different combined in an original and different way.

In addition, we will take advantage to present a very special cocktail designed especially for this occasion. The
V8 cocktail
with the most representative of the new Scania product colors.

In addition, while they are enjoying a premium cocktail, the could obtain an original photo in a fun
interactive photocall of chroma
with different backgrounds, which they can take as a souvenir.
Day 2
. Dinner
Bodega El Juncal Hotel.

El Juncal Ronda Hotel, is located in a beautiful stone building, it boasts
stunning views
over the mountains of the
Serrania de Ronda

This hotel is in a privileged environment surrounded by
, it has a large
swimming pool
with unique views.

In addition, it has spacious rooms, all with their own light.

Located 13,8 km from the circuit of Ascari
Accommodation Demo Drivers.

Ctra. el Burgo, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Dome Madrid Hotel 4*.

Located 25 minutes from the
circuit of Jarama
, Dome Madrid hotel is a design hotel located in the heart of the business park of Las Tablas.

This hotel has
spacious rooms
adapted to all needs, offering a
comfortable stay.

Located 25,4 km from the circuit of Jarama
Ctra. Fuencarral a Alcobendas, Km 8, 28050 Madrid
Attendees will be accommodated
in two different hotels*
but very close each other: Catalonia Reina Victoria and the Hotel Catalonia Ronda.

Catalonia Reina Victoria Hotel 4*

hotel Spa, is framed in a
unique environment
, between a beautiful pine forest in the middle of the town, very close to the main attractions of Ronda and dominating the famous Tajo.

It offers spacious and elegant rooms equipped with the latest technology and all the necessary amenities for a perfect stay. In addition, it offers a
swimming pool, spa and outdoor gardens
, where you can relax and enjoy the time free.

Located 13 km from the circuit of Ascari
Calle Jerez, 25, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Day 2
. Morning
Day 2
. Morning / partners programs
Day 2
. Morning / partners programs
Day 2
. Lunch time
Day 2
. Lunch time
Barceló Torre de Madrid 5*.

The new Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel is in one of the most iconic buildings in the capital: the Torre de Madrid. Designed by internationally renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayón.

Its rooms are fully equipped, forming a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication.

The Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel aims to become a reference point for hotel's in the Spanish capital.

Located 36,9 km from the circuit of Jarama
Plaza de España, 18, 28008 Madrid.
Furthermore, on arrival at the hotel, several hostesses will receive the guests, where they would receive their accreditations at a corporate
. A very special welcome, in which you can enjoy a
set of ice cream
soft drinks.

On the other hand, in the room, you will find a corporate
welcome kit
with different details that will bring an
added value
to the event:
a hat
, a
sunglasses and sunscreen
. Also they will find a
timing pocket.

* Second hotel in case of division of the group.

Hotel Catalonia Ronda 4*.

Located in the heart of Ronda, in the August of 2017 will open its doors the Catalonia round, in front of one of the
oldest Bullrings of Spain
and in most commercial pedestrian street.

A hotel that will feature an
elegant terrace chill-out
on the upper deck of the hotel, where you can enjoy the leisure time in an
infinity pool
with beautiful views over the city.

Many of its elegant and comfortable rooms have balconies where you can appreciate the city of Ronda.

Located 13,5 km from the circuit of Ascari
Av. Virgen de la Paz, 16 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Iberostar Costa de Sol 4*

Situated between Marbella and Estepona a few kilometres from Puerto Banus, located on the
Costa del Sol's golden mile.

Surrounded by gardens, this hotel boasts a large
swimming pool
with different activities of entertainment, where you can have fun in during free time.

In addition, in
swimming pools, sauna, hamman
, an
Ice Cave
and a
relaxation area.
This hotel has spacious rooms, all of them from outside.

Located 66 km from the circuit of Ascari

Urbanización Costalita, s/n. Puente de Cancelada, 29680 Estepona, Málaga.
The memory is born from the experience.

We are made of
instants, moments
that determine each stage of our life.
related to each situation, which make us what we are. But most importantly, we are made of
that allow us to
, to
, to

Life is full of experiences, capable of generating different
, but above all, able to generate
. It is then when got to generate
between brand, customer and product, thus strengthening the
bonds of union.

Time moves without stopping and only a few know that the key to
is in learning to enjoy every moment. When we learn something new and when time turns into
, full of feelings, is when all we have lived become memories and tend to stay in our

When we learn something new and when time turns into
, is when all we have lived become
and tend to stay in our memory.

‘‘Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced’’

Regarding the proposed objectives, and the considerations exposed, we are proposing a
near and motivational event
through different
experiences to strengthen the bonds
of union and
generate pride of belonging.
Occidental Estepona Thalasso & Spa 4*

The Western Estepona Thalasso Spa is a modern hotel located in the
Costa del Sol.
Immersed in the new golden mile between Estepona and Puerto Banus. The hotel is 600 m from
the Beach
and well connected with Marbella.

All the hotel's rooms have
large terraces
and are fully equipped and stand out for their

The Thalasso Spa is spacious, houses a
massage area
, a dynamic
, a
and a
and allows you to enjoy a variety of activities.

Located 65,7 km from the circuit of Ascari

A-7 Autovía del Mediterráneo, Km. 165, 29680 Estepona, España
Senator Banús Spa Hotel 5*

Just a 15-minute walk from the beach,
Senator Banus Spa Hotel
is 500 meters from the
. It also has a large
spa, outdoor swimming pools
to enjoy free time.

The hotel's modern room are
with a terrace overlooking the garden, offering an ideal stay.

Located 67,9 km from the circuit of Ascari

Urb. Benamara, Crta N 340 KM 168, 29688 Puerto Banus-Marbella, Málaga.
Los Monteros Spa&Golf Resort 5 *

Located just 9 minutes on foot from the
, this elegant hotel is in a quiet area of Marbella, has a
swimming pool
in the open air and a beach club.

Los Monteros rooms with beautiful views to the
or over

Located 76,3 km from the circuit of Ascari

Calle Lince, Km 187, 29603 Marbella, Málaga
From the outset, we will have a person at the airport to receive guests and partners them to the point of departure of the bus.

A Scania bus corporate
, which will serve to generate
brand visibility
during all transfers made by the Costa del Sol.

Welcome Kit
Leisure program

Cultural activity. Discovering Costa de Sol.

According to the location selected for the accommodation, the guests will visit the corresponding city:

A journey where they can discover the
beauty of the cit,
the most
emblematic places
and also
Puerto Banús.
One of the most
famous nautical
tourist enclave
of southern Europe, where history merges with the
, the
Day 1
. Evening
Dinner & show. Ronda: Restaurante Abades

Located in the
heart of Malaga city
, in own cornice for the "
Tajo de Ronda"
, it has a privileged location in an environment full of charm and incredible views.

The Abbots restaurant presents a wide gastronomic cuisine with a wide range of wines. It is a
in the city of Ronda, where you can enjoy a
gala dinner
and the Andalusian
Day 1
Proposal 1: The Parador of Ronda.

Located in a unique enclave next to the emblematic
Ronda's new bridge
, this Parador, located on the old
Town Hall
, offers a unique view over the

Surrounded by nature, is an ideal place where you can taste excellent dishes of the
Andalusian cuisine
. A kitchen with an identity filled with the finest Mediterranean flavors.
Plaza España, s/n, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Day 2
. Lunch time
Paseo Blas Infante, 1, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
Identification of different groups
Ascari Resort / Leisure plan for partners
* The option of dividing the group is not recommended by the agency.
* An area reserved exclusively for Scania.
* Finca reserved exclusively for Scania.
* Restaurant reserved exclusively for Scania.
Proposal 1: Art, Passion & Inspiration
Proposal 2: The flavor to the Mediterranean
Proposal 1: Secret ingredient
. Dinner & show cooking
Proposal 2: Beyond the topycs
* During the development of the entire event, there will be a completly personalised service from the Agency.
Timing pocket
* An area reserved exclusively for Scania.
*This activity will be held on Alabaro Beach Club
Welcome dinner

The arrival of the guests, they will be
welcomed with a cocktail by the hand of a professional ham cutter
, where enjoy the authentic taste of a good ham. In addition, the hand of a
, one of the oldest and most traditional trades involving an art at the time of
dig the wine
. A small detail that will provide a differential value.
Day 2
. Dinner
Proposal: Sailing along Marbella, Estepona, Puerto Banús

The Costa del Sol
is one of the favorite destinations, especially for lovers of the sea and sailing.

Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, is already a
in this town. For this reason, and to continue discovering the beauty of the Costa del Sol, we propose a trip on
, where they can also enjoy a very special drink&snack.

In addition, they can enjoy the
over the Mediterranean. A unique and unrepeatable experience.
Day 2
. Free time
The ancient city of Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and possessing one of the most beautiful
Historical sites
in Spain, declared of
Cultural interest
. In Ronda the Route of the
White Villages
is born an itinerary through mountainous areas of enormous natural value such as the Sierra de Grazalema, Serranía de Ronda, where you can discover the corners of
great beauty.

Considered one of the most interesting places in Andalusia, known as the
"city of castles
" preserves the legacy that Celts, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs left during their round.

The city invites you to a journey through its history and its avenues lined with vegetation, where you can appreciate the
of the city and enjoy the
spectacular views
offered, as for example the houses hanging over the precipice from the balconies of the iconic bridge over the

It is located in a privileged zone, captive in each of its corners. The renovated old town, is one of the most beautiful places of Andalusia, it offers the possibility of enjoying a true urban garden, it is known as
"the garden of the Costa del Sol"
. It also has one of the best beaches in this area.

Surrounded by the
Sierra Bermeja
North and the Mediterranean to the South, Estepona is a tourist town that has retained its original fishing village charm. White streets, adorned with colorful pots filled with flowers, give your essence of Andalusian coastal town, merging the culture more
in this town.

Estepona is the rich variety of
gourmet products
offered by reflection of the richness of their crops. Thanks to its geographical location, it becomes the perfect showcase where to taste the
delicious Andalusian cuisine.

Capital of the Costa del Sol, is a
cosmopolitan city
which is home of culture, leisure and glamour.

Considered one of the more
cities of the Mediterranean, it is a privileged location at the foot of
Sierra Blanca
, on the seafront, it provides you a
great beauty
, in addition to become one of the most important tourist centers of Spain.

Marbella has some surroundings of great
artistic interest,
being a city full of
that makes it the ideal place to hold a European meeting.

In addition, this city offers the chance to taste the dishes of the
Andalusian cuisine
, with special attention to the products of the sea. Dishes light but full of
, perfect to enjoy the good weather and the
sea breeze.

Click to see the video
* After this activity they can go to the hotel to get ready for the dinner
Welcome, Safety & Departure video
The most special feelings are hard to explain with words, therefore, to achieve the
of the guests from the outset, during the transfer to the hotel, they will enjoy a
video of the Costa del Sol.
A projection which will immerse them in the culture of Andalusia.

welcome and safety video
will also be screened for the best development of the event.

After the event, when they return to the airport, they will see a emotional video & pictures about the best moments of the event.
Sun cream
Corporative bag
Full transcript