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Anna Rasmussen

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Australia

Day 5: Cairns Tropical
Day 4: Moreton Island

Day three: Flying to the Gold Coast.
Day two: The royal botanic gardens
Day one: Arrived in Australia

Day six,
Get high Up Top And Dive Down Under
We woke up at 08:00 am and ate breakfast at a restaurant called Pancakes on the rocks. We got scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. And of course, some delicious juice.
Then we took a cab to the royal botanic gardens, where we took a small walk. It was so beautiful with flowers everywhere and some beautiful fountains.
Then we ate lunch at the royal botanic gardens restaurant. We shared a braised lamb shoulder with onions - and by the way it tasted so amazing! After the delicious lunch we went shopping.
We found a small tourist street.We bought a lot of clothes and a lot of other tourist things. After the shopping we went to an ice cream shop called Cold Rock.
When we got home, we wanted to see all the stuff we got, so we decided to make a fashion show. It was so funny and we laughed so hard.
We were all starving so we went down to the lobby and asked for the best restaurant near our hotel. The woman in the lobby told us about this super good italian restaurant called Appetito. The woman in the lobby was right! The pizzas were so amazing! We all got a margherita pizza, which was so yummy. We couldn't eat even a bite, when we had eaten the pizzas.
We wanted to do something special, because we were not going to Australia again in the nearest future. So we decided to jump into the ocean and night swim. We had so much fun and we were so glad that we did it.
After the night swimming we walked wet home to our hotel and packed our stuff together, because we were going somewhere else the next morning.
Here can you see the map you get, when you
arrive at The Royal Botanic Gardens.
Here you can see some of the pictures from Moreton Island.
At 01:00 am we checked in at our new hotel called Waters Edge Apartment Cairns. We were really tired so when we had got our key, we went up to bed. We should already wake up at 07:00 am because we were going to the zoo to have breakfast.
So we woke up and took a cab to Cairns tropical zoo. When we arrived at the zoo we went over to the place where we were going to eat breakfast. A waiter, who was going to be our waiter for the whole morning, came over.
Anna chose a waffle with fruit, Cecilie chose a plate with fruit and I chose some pancakes and fruit. It was so delicious and while we were eating our waiter came in with a little koala. It was so sweet and all of us just loved it.
When we were done with the breakfast we went over to see kangaroo feeding. It was so funny and sometimes it tickled at our hands because there tongues was so roe. This kangaroo has a little baby it was so cute.
After that we were just looking around and saw all the animals. When we had seen all the animals we went into the zoo shop. Anna bought a teddy giraffe, Cecilie bought a baby kangaroo pillow and I bought a pair of sunglasses with monkeys on the glasses.
After that we were really hungry so we found a place called Deli Adrift where Anna got a sandwich with chicken and bacon, Cecilie got a sandwich with chicken and I got a ham and cheese sandwich. It tasted delicious and when we were going to pay, the waiter gave us the three sandwiches for free. We don't know why, but it was so sweet of him.
We didn't know what to do so we just walked around for a while to check out the place. Suddenly we found this amazing icecream place called Devine Gelato which makes the best ice cream ever. It tasted so delicious. When I got my ice cream number 2 I put the ice in Cecilies face, and she got so scared. It was so fun, she had strawberry ice cream all over her face.
After that we saw some Hot air balloons, so we went over to see what that was. The man asked us if we wanted a tour, and of course we wanted that. When we were up in the air we talked with the guy, who steered the balloon. He was a little hot.
When we came down we were a bit tired and hungry. We saw a restaurant called Bel Paese. We all got pasta with seafood. It tastes delicous and for dessert Anna and Cecilie got a pancake and I got some tiramisu.
After that we took a cab back to our hotel. When we came home we just played a card game called
21. It was so funny. After that we went to bed.
We arrived in Sydney Airport at 07:00 am. We had to wait for a really long time to get our baggage, because we went over to the wrong terminal.
When we came out of the airport we took a cab to our hotel, Park Hyatt Sydney. It was a really nice hotel and the service was so good. We got our room and unpacked.
After we had unpacked we ordered room service. We ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit.
We decided to see the Opera House. We took a taxi to the Opera house and we bought the tour packet ''Red Carpet'', so we could have a tour with a guide, a three course menu at the restaurant '' Guillaume at Bennelong'' and then we saw an Opera.
We laughed a little bit at the opera because we found it a bit funny. Did you know, that it was a danish man who designed the Opera House?
After we saw the opera, we went home to our hotel. We didn't want to go to sleep, even though we were very tired. So we went up at the roof were there was a swimming pool. We jumped in and had fun. A man came up and said that we could not swim anymore. We didn't want to leave, so we were hiding behind the poolchairs. When he came up he locked the door. We didn't know that he would lock the door so we didn't know what to do. After an half hour we called the reception to come up and open the door. They came up and we ran down to our room.
I can't remember what it was we were eating, but the restaurant was called Guillaume at bennelong.
We were so tired so we went to bed. It was a really good arrival in Australia. We all had a room like the one in the picture.
We woke up at 06:00 am, because we were going to Moreton Island. It's an island fifteen minutes away from Brisbane Airport and 30 minutes away from Gold Coast Airport. And since we were nearest Gold Coast airport, we took a private airplane from Gold Coast to Moreton Islands private runway. We think it is pretty cool, that Moreton Island has their own runway
We put our clothes on and grabbed some breakfast at McDonalds. When we came to the airport we checked in and we had one hour, before the flight was taking off. So we decided to shop a bit. Cecilie bought a pair of shorts, Clara bought a pair of boots and I bought a new dress.
Then our flight arrived, and it was way smaller than we thought. It took a half hour to get to the island. When we came, we found a room to our baggage, because we weren't staying for the night.
The receptionist told us about all the things we could do. The things that got our attention was flying in a helicopter, ATV driving, sand surfing and dolphin feeding. We were only staying there one day, so we had to choose. We all agreed on dolphin feeding, but Clara wanted to drive ATV's, Cecilie wanted to fly in a helicopter and I wanted to sand surf.
At last, we decided to drive ATV'S. I was the only one who had tried it before, so in the beginning we drove a little bit slow. We had a two hour lesson with a private driver, so Clara and Cecilie pretty much came after it. After a half hour, we were good enough to drive in the ''sand mountains''. It was so funny and a little bit scary, but it was worth all the money.
After the lesson with the trainer, we decided to get something to eat. We ate at the Beach café where Cecilie got a burger with french fries, Clara got a pasta carbonara and I got a pizza.
To drink we all got the drink that everybody drinks in Australia, the lemonade Lift. It was a little bit bitter, but not too much. It was so delicious and we get why everybody drinks it.
It was a great lunch and after the lunch, we put our bikinis on, because we were going to feed the dolphins. We were so excited and we couldn't wait. We stood first in the line, and when the dolphins came we squealed with joy. When we had fed the dolphins, we went down to the shop to buy our picture with the dolphins. It was such an amazing experience!
After the dolphin feeding it was dinner time, so we ate at a restaurant called Castaways restaurant. We all got some tomato soup and a steak with potatoes and red wine sauce.
After the dinner we had to leave, because we were flying to Cairns at 11:00 pm that afternoon. We took the boat this time, from Moreton Island to the port in Brisbane. Then we took a cab to Gold Coast airport, where we checked in and bought some tax free stuff. Then the flight took off and we all fell asleep on the airplane. It was a really good day.
We woke up at 04:00 am, because we were going to the airport. we skipped the breakfast and took a cab to sydney airport . It took about an hour to get to the airport.
We cheaked our baggage in, then we went over to Hudsons coffee. We all got a croissant and a hot chocolate.
Our flight took off at 07:00 am. When we came to Gold coast aiport, we found our baggage and it didn´t take as long as we had expected.
We took a cab and drove to our hotel, Surfers Paradise Marriot resort & spa. We didn`t unpack, because we were only staying there for one night. We took a small nap, because we were very tierd.
We saw a lot of people surf and we alsowanted to surf. But none of us could surf, so we were kind of sad, but then we found out, that we could take a surt lesson. So we took a two hour surf lesson. It was so funny and we had such a sweet surf teacher called Maya. She learned us how to surf and we become pretty good, we think. After the surf we were starving so we found a thai restaurant called Chiang Mai Thai.
After the nap we decided to take a rest day, so we went down to the beach Surfers Paradise.
Clara got a soupwhit browns, Anna got curry chicken with rice and i got a noodle soup. It was a little bit pricy, but i was worth all the money.
After the lunch we wanted to relax, so we walked down to the spa. We wanted to try something new, so we all gor a body wrap. We didn´t know what i was, before we asked the lady. She told us that you get covered in mud and wraped in towels. First it was a little bit wierd, but then it was really relaxing. After the body wrap we got pedicure and manicure. Clargot pink nails, Anna got puple nails and i got baby blue nails.Whe the nails were dry we walked back home to our hotel.
We dressed a little bit up, because we were going to a very fine and pricy restaurant. The restaurant is called Citrique restaurant. It was a buffet restaurant, so we could eat as much as we wanted to. There were meat, vegetabels, franch frises and a lot more. To dessert there was a lot of delicious cakes and ice cream. When we walked home we where so full that we could barely walke. When we came home we fell a sleep really fast.
We woke up early, and went down to a lokal bakery, Anna and I got a scone and Clara got a chocolate croissant. We ate our breakfast on the way to the port, because we were going on a diving trip the whole day.
The Diving company is called Get High Up Top And Dive Down Under. We cheched-in at Reef Fleet at 07:00 am. We waited for an hour. and then we got on board. We sailed for half an hour, and then we arrived at Norman OR Saxon reef. The staff told us that we had 3 hours to play, snorkel, swim, go on a glass bottom boat tour or to go on a 10 minute scenic helicopter flight. We decided to go on a glass bottom boat tour for half an hour, then we went on the helicopter flight and last we went for a snorkling trip with a guide. We saw at lot of corals and fish in all shapes and colors.
After all the swimming and fun we got a little hungry so we desided to get some lunch at the buffet. There were fish, tropical salads, steak and a lot more. Anna got a steak with BBQ sauce and frence fries. Clara got a salad with fresh spinach and strawberrie and I got a salad with pineapple and mango.
Then we went to Hastings reef, where we dived with a guide called John. We saw a lot larger fish then at the other reef, but other reef there were more fish and even a shark, but i was just a small one.
We took a cab back to the hotel because we were so tierd. When we arrived at the hotel we took a small nap. After the nap got ready for dinner. We ate at Splash Seafood Restaurant. Anna got Lamb cutlets with mint and pear compot, Clara got Spicy gumbo with fresh seafood and I got Tiger prawns with spiced pumkinpuree. After we eaten the deliciouse dinner, we took a cab back to the hotel.
When we arrived at the hotel started packing our bags, because we were going home the next day.
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