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Achievement of the “Advanced” Band in BY(i)TES

No description

Gwee Yee Tat

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Achievement of the “Advanced” Band in BY(i)TES

Achievement of the "
" Band in BY(i)TES

Using the PALS approach
Scanning & Analysis
Identify the indicator(s) under each domain of BY(i)TES that has unsatisfactory scores and needed to be improve. Identify them in sequence based on their impact to the overall improvement to the banding
Understand the reason(s) for these indicators to be scoring poorly
Identify strategies to improve the score for each of these indicators
As BY(i)TES is a collective effort, there is a need to review the current working team(s).
Put in place a Core Driving Team led by HOD ICT, advised by Principal, consisting of MMs, ICT committee members, AM and OM
Fulfilling the potential of ICT Suppot Team consisting of AED ICT, ICT Executive, TA
Understand teachers' concerns and address the concerns openly
• Infrastructure
Ensure the adequacy and relevancy of resources
Distribution of resources for programmes or learning activities to be conducted
Ensure the availability of funds for procurement of required resources
Technology support to ensure low downtime for optimal use of resources
Tapping on the ICT Mentors as they possess strong teaching pedagogies and experience in the infusion of ICT to Teaching and Learning
ICT Mentors / Champions will continue to lead their core departments in popularising ICT e.g. conducting sharing sessions and just-in-time trainings
"Promoting" of ICT Mentees to Mentors, enlarging the pool of teachers taking on the role of ICT "trainers"
48% of teachers are young teachers who have less than 5 years of teaching experience. Most of them are digital natives and are actively infusing ICT to their lessons. They can act as buddies to teachers who are less confident in ICT
Monitoring & Review
Constant and regular review of processess for effectiveness
Monitoring the conduct of programmes and activities
Review the effectiveness of ICT lessons and innovative practices
Sharing with teachers the school’s ICT journey since 2010 and reaffirming their efforts for the achievement of a “Progressive” band in BY(i)TES
Communicate to teachers on what the school targets to achieve in the next lap and what is in store for them
Listen to teachers’ feedback and concern and address them openly and to prevent any possible resistance
Identify the benefits and advantages the teachers will enjoy with the school achieving the next higher band in BY(i)TES to create the buy-in
Organise Focused Group Discussion with pupil representative e.g. Pupil Leaders and Prefect Exco to find out their views on the current ICT lessons
Gather expectations from pupils with regard to ICT in teaching and learning and look into the possibilities of realising these expectations
Evaluate the impact of pupils’ ICT-enriched SDL/CoL experiences
School Leaders
Identify ICT as a core element to school's Strategic Plan
Collaborate actively with the Core Team to improve on the identified indicators especially Domain 1 - School Leaders
School Leaders to continue (and build on) the good work done
Maintain the role-modeling
Providing support to teachers in all way possible and recognised effort and innovative initials
Review and design of the ICT workplan for alignment to objectives
Monitoring of processes and effectiveness
Responsible for the Professional Development of teachers
Provide support to the needs of teachers, MMs, SLs and pupils
ICT Committee
Spearhead the infusion of ICT to T & L and model ICT pedagogy e.g. Flipped Classroom
Drive Innovative practices
Collaborate with department teachers on the building of a ICT culture within the department
Build on Personal Mastery of ICT and elevate others along
Middle Managers
Think Strategically
Never focus on the pursuit of latest gadgets. Focus of ICT for Teaching & Learning must always be pedagogy and the learning outcomes that teachers hope to achieve.
For sustainability, lessons and activities that require the procurement of new hardware and software must be reviewed for effectiveness to be used in subsequent years
Lessons designed this year are to be reviewed for effectiveness and improve for use again in the following year(s)
People Factor
Building the competencies of teachers is of paramount importance. Yearly ICT concurrent sessions conducted by the ICT champions
Shift of ownership in ICT infusion to T & L from ICT committee to all departments. ICT Mentors / Champions lead the department to design ICT lessons for whole level
ICT Mentors guide their mentees and build their capacity in delivering lessons using ICT with the aim to transform the mentees into mentors
Nominating teachers to present innovative lesson at external conferences e.g. National ICT Sharing Session
Realising the full potential of the ICT Executive, TA and AED T & L (ICT). They are critical in providing the teachers & EAS with the much needed support
Work in partnership with HOD ICT
Provide a platform for sharing of innovative practices by teachers
Role-model the use of ICT in T & L
Adopt a pro-active approach in the Professional Development of teachers in the area of ICT
Provide opportunities and platform for teachers to design, implement, review ICT enriched learning experiences e.g. integrating Flipped Classroom / ICT with Differentiated Instruction
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