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Controlling paragraphs

No description

Mr Wood

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Controlling paragraphs

is important Paragraphs are constructed, and need shape. There are three things to consider when writing a paragraph: nobody builds a wall without thinking about:
what it's for
how big it should be
what it should look like it's the same for paragraphs purpose Length order What effect are you after? You might want to add detail, show a new aspect of something, enforce an idea, mislead the reader, or even change the topic. Make sure you have a clear idea, because this will determine the ... Which can be varied in so many ways
one word - breaking sentence rules
one sentence - separate from everything else in the text. Don't overuse this!
a few sentences dealing with a single topic
a long and detailed paragraph.
At this point, start thinking about the ... There are two things to conside here:
the order of paragraphs
order of sentences contrast: short paragraphs work when contrasted with longer ones around them. Within a paragraph, short sentences work when contrasted with longer ones. you can also build up a rhythm how about three sentences of a similar length? you can use symmetry within a paragraph, you can use sentences that are long, long, short, long, long. or the other way around. or three pairs of sentences, each long then short? Whatever you do, remember:
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