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Clicker Conversion Conversation

An overview of the current status and future potential of personal response systems on the University of Delaware campus.

Sandy McVey

on 6 May 2012

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Transcript of Clicker Conversion Conversation

Current UD standard
legacy product not supporting current faculty needs
discontinued by vendor effective Fall 2010 Today's educators are challenged
to do more with less. What are clickers?
Clickers are wireless keypads or personal response systems that faculty can use to increase interactivity in their classroom. They provide instant feedback to both instructors and students. Educause recommends institutional standardization. Over 2000* students use clickers in UD classrooms each fall. Facts about Clicker Usage at UD
based on Registrar's Fall 2009 data Clickers used regularly in: BISC, CHEM, CIEG, COMM, ECON, MAST, MATH, NURS, POSC and SOCI classes. The impact is more obvious in large lectures, but small group discussions on sensitive subjects also benefit.
Largest (CHEM-103) 651* students
Smallest (ECON-151) 29* students Clickers are not a technology toy,
but a tool proven to increase engagement,
learning, and measure assessable outcomes. The crux of the issue... What comes next?
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