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History Of Photojournalism

History Of Photojournalism

Jason Guidinger

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of History Of Photojournalism

soliders with napoleon gun, 1862 general potter with staff of seven, 1863 Brady had quite a few photographers in his
employ. Many photos he was credited with
may have been shot by others. In this photo
Brady is pictured leaning on the tree in the
right frame. Spanish Civil War dubbed the first media war... covered by people like Ernest
Hemingway, George Orwell,
and Robert Capa. The Falling Soldier, Robert Capa Capa photographed the horrors of
of war between 1936 and 1939. in 2003 a spanish
newspaper claimed
the falling solider
was faked, and not
even shot where Capa
claimed it was taken. The Great Depression,
The Dust Bowl,
The New Deal and
Rural Rehabilitation... The one two punch of an
amazing drought and The
Depression took its toll on
American workerin the 1930's. Families packed up and headed
west hoping to find work. Dorothea Lange was paid to
document the Rural Rehabilitation. migrant mother feb, 1936 (Florence Owens Thompson, age 32, mother of 7 childern) Dorothea Lange, Rural Rehabilitation client portrait of chris adolf, Dorothea Lange, 1936 "My Father made me work. That was a mistake,
he made me work too hard. I learned about farming
but nothing out of the books." Equality, & Social Change,
"the Picture is worth a thousand
words" At the time of the louisville flood, Margret Bourke-white, 1937 Margret Bourke-White Great depression
amazing storyteller
beautiful eye for composition Margret Bourke-White Gandhi, 1946, india Margret Bourke white Portrait of marlon brando
for life magazine, 1956 "Photography is a small voice, at best,
but sometimes one photograph, or a group
of them, can lure our sense of awareness." W. Eugene Smith the second world war, iwo jima, sticks & stones, 1945 W. Eugene smith War, the Story, & The
Price Paid to Tell It.... W. Eugene Smith (aka the Real Deal) Combat photographer, and war corespondent for life
magazine from 1943 to 1946 Kamimura tomoko, bathing
dec, 1972, W. Eugene Smith Minamata disease is a neurological syndrome
caused by severe mercury poisoning. It was
caused by the release of methylmercury in the
industrial wastewater from the Chisso Corporation. photographic essay by W. Eugene Smith that brought world attention to Minamata disease. He and his Japanese wife lived in Minamata from 1971 to 1973. Carol Swathmari:
one of the first
war photojournalists. A photo taken by Swathmari, of the Turkish armies.
After this photo was taken it was thought that he
was a Russian spy, and shot at. One of William Simpson's most famous paintings is The Charge of the Light Brigade. This image, in 1869,
from Canadian
William Leggo, is the
first halftone image
published directly
from a photograph. His royal highness, Pirnce Arthur. The Oltenitza Quarantine, taken
during the Crimean war by Carol
Swathmari The first photograph reproduced
on a printing press using the halftone process. This first appeared Mar 4th, 1880 in the New York publication called
The Daily Graphic. c d e Troy
historical photojournalism How a publication looked
before the invention of the
halftone screen Mathew Brady: Sold his collection to the U.S. War dept.
for $25,000. Civil War Known as a Portrait Photographer,
but took a giant risk on gritty war photos. Nearly penniless at the time of his death After the war, nobody wanted war shots.
Portrait of Major General Ulysses s. grant 1861-1865 Margret Bourke white Roger Fenton
Equipment Dry Plate Process George Eastman works cited: Jason:

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Comissioned to document the Crimean war Kodak 35mm Film Leica Flashbulb Halftone
Process Richard L. Maddox
Industrialized dry plate production Eastman Dry Plate Company 1879 1888 Used light sensitive paper
instead of glass Developed for use in Motion Pictures Introduced in 1925 Popularized 35mm film
in still photography 1930 Leica II 1932 Wirephoto Éduardo Belin created
the early concept
Associated Press Wirephoto Service
May 7, 1935 Fenton's Photos Intended to combat anti-war sentiments
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