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Understanding Data

No description

Danielle Mitchell

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Data

What is a
Statistical Question? A question that gathers information or data

States a specific population

Has a variety of answers

Interesting information is gathered End Result Students will be able to input the data into a shared spread sheet using Google Docs

As a class, they will create:
A frequency table and a histogram using Google docs

Students will understand that there are a variety of ways to display gathered data. By: Danielle Mitchell Final Project:
Developing an
Understanding of Data The statistical question: How tall are the students in Ms. Mitchell's 6th period class? How will the data
be interpreted? Students will determine:
The mean
The median
The mode
The smallest number
The largest number
The range/the spread The Big Picture Students will gather data

They will determine how tall they are

Students will find measures of central tendency with the data.

Students will display the data. Learn Zillion:
Recognizing a Statistical Question
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