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Synthetic Drugs

No description

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic Drugs
What are Synthetic Drugs:
Also Known As...
Spice, K2, Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts, designer drugs
Herbal incense, Potpourri, Yucatan fire, Skunk, Moon rocks, Spice gold, Genie, Bliss, Black mamba, Zohai...
of Synthetic Drugs:
Identified December of 2008

6 synthetic drugs identified in 2009

158 synthetic drugs identified in 2012

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center
ASAC is a helpful resource provided by OSU open Monday-Friday from 8-5. This center provides support for students and OSU employees who struggle with substance abuse, as well as other personal issues.
and Takeaways
Don't Be an Observer, Take Action!
Whether it is yourself or a loved one, dealing with synthetic drugs can be tough. Dealing with the problem head on is the best approach, and OSU gives you the tools to do that.
Synthetic Drugs
"Any substance that aims to mimic the effects of illegal chemicals and may contain stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic properties"
Recognizing a Synthetic Drug User
Heart Palpitations
Inability to speak
Panic attacks
Why Should You Care?
How to recognize and take control
Don't Do Drugs
Personal Accounts of Synthetic Drug Use
As you can see, synthetic drug use is a serious, and growing issue in America's youth. This legal substance causes physical, psychological as well as financial harm to the user, so it is best to stay away from these harmful substances, or if you need help, to utilize available resources for support.
" I go straight weed in the off-season. Then in-season, when they test, I go to K2." - Anonymous NFL veteran
Most consistent characteristic labeled “not for human consumption” to mask their intended purpose
Plastic tubes, bottles, foil packets
sold in deceptive packaging, being labeled as plant food, fish food, glass cleaner...
Letter-number designations used; 2C-E 3-FEC, or MDEA
"Sometimes you feel like your heart is literally going to explode out of your chest. Your pulse goes up like crazy. You literally feel like sometimes you're going to die."
- Anonymous Division 1 NCAA Student athlete
Legal Status
Are they Safe?
Some of the most destructive drugs today
Can trigger psychotic episodes of hallucinations, aggression, paranoia, suicidal thoughts or impulses and homicidal tendencies
Designer drugs: Unpredictable
Commonly consists of THC, MDPV, mephedrone, and mythylone
44 states have taken action to take control of one or more synthetic compounds. This began in 2010.
While states make efforts to ban synthetic substances, drug makers stay ahead by constantly changing the chemical make up just barely, in order to keep their product legal.
Similar to the adverse effects of cocaine, LSD, and methamphetamine
Synthetic Cannabanoids
man made chemicals to mimic THC,
(primary ingredient in marijuana)

Synthetic Cathinones
man made chemicals related to amphetamines

Synthetic Hallucinogens
9:53 - 13:24
Review Video
Synthetic drugs are illicit drugs
Young adults believe synthetic drugs are a safer alternative.
Do you know how to recognize synthetic drugs?
18 year old David Rozga took his life. His girlfriend told the parents he had been smoking K2.
His parents had never heard of it.
The police chief concluded that, "David had a severe panic attack in result of smoking the K2, which resulted in his death."
The father, Mike Rozga said, "David suffered greatly. He was tormented by the drug."

...take control
address the issue directly, with the individual’s best interest in mind
Ask Questions
understand their knowledge
equip yourself with general knowledge
help them work through pressures they face
Discuss risk factors
"synthetics – they are unregulated, toxic and incredibly dangerous."
Does the (unharmful/fake) product in your bag look like a potential form of synthetic drugs?

Please write down one take away from this presentation to be shared with class at conclusion.
"The first time I tried K2, I was 17 years old. My boyfriend gave me a blunt of blueberry K2."
synthetic products are powerful, untested toxins, often yielding immediate and devastating physical effects.
"The first time I tried spice, I was given it by my friend Alex as we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2"
Choose your friends wisely, or else..
How do your peers at OSU perceive synthetic drug use?
How do your loved ones perceive synthetic drug use?
Is there a difference between how your family and your peers perceive synthetic drug use
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