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Stock market ptoject

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Sara

By:Sara Lucas
Period 4 I picked Coco cola becasue its one of my favorite drinks. FUN FACT

In 1993, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear had its debut. The dramatically different commercial, "Northern Lights," that introduced the Polar Bear showed a group of bears watching the sky and enjoying Coke® as if they were at the movies.
Coke a Cola has 92,800 people employed INFORMATION Coke sells there products in over 200 countries! Over 124 years in business -5,976.55 My loss. Just about coke(: Coke is the largest beverage company in the world, they sell over 1.6 billion bottles of coke per day. They have over 3000 different drinks. ADVICE
Try to reserch on the
company and make sure
your makeing the best
desision by investing
in this company. Also
dont put a rediculios
amount of money
into your investment.
Hershey's Coke I picked hershey's becasue i love milk chocolate. My profit
1,158.81 All about hershey's Hersheys is the largest prducer of chocolate in the world. They have over 12,000 employee's. Hershey's as also been around for over 100 years! BACKROUND INFO. Hershey's is located in hershey pensivania. The creater of hershey's chocolate is created by milton hershey. Milton went bank rupt trying to afford his business, finally after a couple times he succsefully started the hersey company. What did i like about this??
I liked that we were able to pick whatever company we want What would i change? I would make sure would could check our stocks more! Stock market project!!!!
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