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FFA Record Books

An introduction to the FFA Record Book

Melody Carter

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of FFA Record Books

The FFA Record Book Why? Keep Organized
Get Awards
Learn Life Skills! Calendar Type of Enterprise? Business Agreements Journals Budget-It's a $ Thing! Entepreneurship Placement you OWN this project
You keep the $$ from selling the project or from your business You work for someone
You get paid for work or
You volunteer your time a. Estimate: To make an educated guess.
b. Expense: Money you pay.
c. Receipt: Money you receive. Complete in Pencil
You Estimate your Expenses & Receipts
This is not your final costs, just a guess
Receipts-Expenses should equal=0 (zero) or more (profit) Add Total for column Lets Practice Fill the expenses & receipt/Income in for your budget
How much profit did you make? Front Cover: Written in Pen Getting Started Your first & last name
Year in Ag
Begining & End Date: 1/01/11-12/31/11
Instructors Write the name of each month and the year at the top of each calendar page

Fill in correct dates for each month

Enter information on the calendar:
Keep entries short and concise
Be specific
Information may be related to the enterprises, school activities, and to personal life.Examples of entries include: meetings, field days, athletic events, concerts, etc.

The calendar is a record of enterprise activities that will help make management decisions in the future. Activities such as breeding and weaning dates, fertilizer applications, medical treatments, weights and yields are important to include in the calenda Use pencil to complete the Calendar Jan 1- Sat, 31-Mon
Feb 1-Tue, 28-Mon
Mar1-Tue, 31-Thur
April 1-Fri, 30-Sat
May 1-Sun, 31-Tue
June 1-Wed, 30-Thur
July 1-Fri, 31-Sun
Aug 1-Mon, 31-Wed
Sept 1-Thur, 30-Fri
Oct 1-Sat, 31-Mon
Nov 1-Tue, 30-Wed
Dec 1-Thur, 31-Sat OWNERSHIP AGREEMENT (if YOU own the business)
1. Must be typed or written in ink before the enterprise begins.
2. Fill in the first part of the agreement:
• Enter the day, and then the month and year the agreement is written.
• Enter the date the enterprise is to be terminated. If the ending date is unknown, write
“until either party terminates this agreement”.
• Write in the student’s name.
• Write in the “Other party’s” name.
• Enter the name of the enterprise. Examples: Market swine, nursery stock, Breeding
3. Fill in main body of the agreement:
• Write specifically all the responsibilities the student and the other party will have and
what they will obtain from the enterprise. Be sure to address each of the six-bolded
items: equipment, land, buildings, capital (money), management, and profit or loss.
Use complete sentences. And be specific with details.

4. Signatures of Parties Involved
􀂃 Get the signatures, in ink, of all parties involved. .
Common mistakes:
1. No signatures
2. Each of the six-bolded items is not addressed.
3. Agreement is completed in pencil
4. Each enterprise does not have an agreement
5. Skills listed are not specific enough to indicate whether or not they are agriculturally
related. Examples of responsibilities:
• to feed and care for animals
• tractor work
•to pay all the bills
If you will receive all of the profits, state that fact.
List what the other party agrees to provide.
•This may be a place to keep your animal or to raise a garden.
•Explain what it includes,
o such as tools
o irrigation supplies
o financing
o Vet supplies or Vet Procedures
•If you are paying rent to the other party, state how much it will be per month.
•If they are going to share in the produce from your garden, state what portion of your harvest they will get.
•If you agree to share the profits from your enterprise with the other party, state what amount they will receive, or what percentage of the profit they will get. FFA Activities Making Journal Entries 1.Fill in the month and year at the top of page 5a.
2.Date (column 1) – indicate the date(s) the activity took place. Only write the day .
3.Description (column 2) – describe what occurred.
No. (Column 3) – list the quantity (number) for which you made or received payment.
Price (column 4) – How much you received or spent for each unit.
5.Income (column 5) – Indicate the amount you have received.
6.Expenses (column 6) – Indicate the total amount you paid.
7.Hours Self Labor (column 7) – Enter all the hours you worked on any of your enterprises. At The End of Each Month 1.Total For Month (line 21) – add values in each column.
2.Total Brought Forward (line 22) – transfer values from “total to date” line 23 from previous month.
3.Total to Date (line 23) – add total for month (line 21) to total bought forward (line 22).
4.Balance your Books. Compare totals on page 5a to 5b. A-Degrees: fill in the date you received your current degree (Greenhand-1st year, Chapter-2nd year, etc.)
B1- Fill in the Dates, procedure, and where performed:
1/15-Main Motion, FFA Mtg.
1/25-Debate, Classroom
1/25-Vote, Classroom
B2- Fill in the following date: 1/25
1/14-Speech, Ag Biology Class, GMO Foods, 5 minutes
D1-Offices (only fill this in if you have served as a greenhand or chapter officer)
D2-FFA Committees
This is for those people that have been active in FFA or have helped with certain events Some Committees we have had:
Basketball- Chapter, team practice & organization
FFA Community Service-
Served @ Yosemite Farm Credit Dinner
Car Wash
Banquet Committee- Set Up, Clean Up, Decorations Go through the calendar and list any activities.
What are 2 activities we have held at our chapter level?

________________________ This includes any events above the chapter level:
Speaking, Basketball Tournament, Field Days, Regional Mtg, etc…. List Date and Activity.
School Activities are things like ______________________ & ____________________
Community Service is things like ________________________ & ____________________ Page 17- Community Service Page 15-Chapter Activities: Page 16- Activities above the Chapter Level
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