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Douglas Tilden

No description

morgan ulloa

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Douglas Tilden

Douglas Tilden
Went to California School for the Deaf (CSD)
Discovered his love for art at CSD
Applied to the University of California, got accepted, but did not attend college there
Wanted to work as a mechanic
Ended up working for CSD for 8 years
Brother introduced Tilden to sculpting
Tilden asked his brother's teacher to teach him how to sculpt
Traveled to New York City to learn more
Visited New York's oral school for deaf students
Moved to France w/ deaf roomate from NY
Became apart of Parisian deaf community
Elected Vice President of the World Federation of the Deaf
Tilden hated Oralism and wanted to fight against it
Always said, "Sign language is our language,"
Tilden met Paul Choppin who became his mentor for sculpting
Stayed in Paris for 6 years but money ran out and he was forced to return home
Return Home
Early Life
Born: 1860 in Chico, California
Became deaf from Scarlet Fever at the age of 5
Talked to hearing people with gestures/pen & paper while with deaf people he used sign language
Was already famous in San Francisco before he arrived there
Wanted to sculpt statues to bring beauty to the city
The Bear Hunt
went to CSD for the money he borrowed to move to Paris
Worked on statues for certain people in memory of loved ones
In 1899, Tilden was appointed professor at the Mark Hopkins Art Institute
Spoke to his students in either French, English or ASL
Contiuned to work with and for deaf people no matter how busy he was
In 1909 he was elected president of California Association of the deaf
in 1895 he married one of his former students of CSD
When California began to suffer hard economic times Tilden lost money for statues, got divorced, CSD refused to give him a job, and finally got work as a mechanic
He worked as a mechanic during the day and continued to sculpt in his free time
Tilden died while working in 1935 at the age of 75
Mechanics Monument
The Baseball Player
The Tired Boxer
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