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Final Copy (use this!) Gen rx Prezi for Junior High

Presentation about prescription drug abuse

Anthony Nelson

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Final Copy (use this!) Gen rx Prezi for Junior High

Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse
What is prescription drug abuse?
The use of a prescription drug in a way not intended by a doctor.
Over 2500 teen-agers abuse pain relievers for the first time each day
2500 x 7 days
17,500 people
Do the MATH! How many would that equal in 1 week???
But aren't prescription drugs usually safe??
Abusing prescription drugs might not be good for you, but it probably won't kill you.
Scenario #1
Scenario #2
Scenario #4
School just ended and you are ready for the summer break. You go to your friend’s house and your friend suggests doing Triple C’s. You aren’t sure about it but your friend says you will be alright and that it'll give you a buzz.
You're hanging out at a friend's house with new people from a different school you've never met before. They offer you some pills that will "make you feel good."
Some people you know said that they're going to have a pharm party! You're initially skeptical (what's a pharm party??) but they insist that you only live once and that there's nothing to worry about because they've done it before and nobody got hurt.
Over half of teens do not see great risk in trying prescription pain relievers without a doctor’s prescription.
Over half or about 12.8 million teenagers don't see a great risk in taking prescription pain meds according to the Partnership Attitude Tracking Study.

that prescription drugs are safe and effective when taken as prescribed. They are a useful tool in preventing and treating disease, however, when abused they can become destructive and dangerous. LISTEN to your medical professionals and NOT the
on your shoulder!
Abusing prescription drugs can lead to severe legal consequences, such as loss of driver's license, loss of college scholarships, and denial of admission into college and can have a huge impact on future career aspirations. Depending on the drug, you may also end up in jail!!
Everyone's bodies are unique and can respond very differently to medications. Don't assume that because it didn't hurt your friend it won't hurt you!
Prescription drugs ARE SAFE WHEN TAKEN
However, when not taken as directed by a doctor prescription drugs can kill!
Population: 15,210
"All things are poison, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing a poison. A lot kills, a little cures." -Paracelsus (physician during the Renaissance)
A woman died in a radio contest called "hold in your wee for a wii" due to water intoxication.
Deaths due to drugs including prescription drug abuse are increasing and are more common than suicides, gunshot deaths and homicides
Heath Ledger died after taking a six prescription cocktail that included painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs.
Elvis Presley took really large doses of several meds to help him sleep and more meds to decrease the side effects. It killed him.
Marilyn Monroe died from a large overdose of sleeping pills.
If I am prescribed a pain killer after I get my wisdom teeth out, I will become addicted to them
Prescription drugs are dosed so that you receive a medical benefit while minimizing the risk of addiction.
Statistics show that among teenagers, males abuse prescription drugs more than females.
Prescription drug abuse is generally the same between men and women, except between ages 12 and 17 where girls are the majority.
Schedule I

(a.k.a. illegal drugs)

Schedule II


- max of life in prison or a $25,000 fine, or both

Schedule III (felony)
- max of 5 years in prison, a $15,000 fine, or both

Schedule IV (felony)
- max of 3 years in prison, a $10,00o fine, or both

Schedule V or IV (misdemeanor)
- max of 1 year in prison, a $5,000 fine, or both
To take a
medication you must visit a physician and get a
for it!!
You hear at school that morphine gives you a high. You swing by to say hi to your grandma who has degenerative discs in her back and takes medication for pain. You go to use the restroom and notice on her sink a full bottle of morphine IR 30mg.
Scenario #3
Prescription drugs won't hurt you because they've been studied and are safe
It's legal to borrow somebody else's prescription medications when they think it can help you
Everybody responds the same way when taking the same medication
Even if you get caught nothing will really happen to you
IDAHO LAW PENALTIES for misuse, illegal manufacture, or illegal delivery of a "controlled" drug
Schedule I
(a.k.a. illegal drugs) or
Schedule II (felony)
- max of life in prison or a $25,000 fine, or both
Schedule III (felony)
- max of 5 years in prison, a $15,000 fine, or both
Schedule IV (felony)
- max of 3 years in prison, a $10,00o fine, or both
Schedule V or IV (misdemeanor)
- max of 1 year in prison, a $5,000 fine, or both
The medication you were offered is Nyquil. It contains Tylenol, doxylamine, and dextromethorphan. Tylenol helps for pain, doxylamine helps with runny nose and helps you fall asleep, and dextromethorphan helps decrease your cough. But when taken in high amounts their actions are somewhat different....
It will cause your heart to beat faster and will raise your blood pressure.
Agitation, confusion, slurred speech
Too much Tylenol is toxic to your liver and can lead to liver damage and failure
The drug your new friends offered you was Xanax 2mg. This medication is used at certain doses to treat anxiety and depression disorders, however, if you take too much it can cause very serious side effects which include:
Slow, shallow breathing rate
Slowed heart rate and low blood pressure
Drowsiness, memory loss, confusion, and coma
After seeing the bottle of morphine IR 30mg tablets on your Grandma's bathroom countertop you remember that you have a serious allergy to codeine that put you in the hospital a few years back. Can you take a few tablets of morphine and be OK?? If you're allergic to codeine can you take morphine??
Help is available!
So what would happen if you have an
allergic reaction
plus a morphine
Throat swelling
Slowed breathing/lung injury
Altered mental state and unresponsiveness
Low blood pressure
lack of oxygen, coma, and possible death
To get prepared for your "SWEET" pharm party you're instructed to get as many meds as you possibly can. Your friend tells you that old people usually have a lot so try your grandparents! All of your friends do the same, bring the pills, put them in a salad bowl, and start poppin pills!
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