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Characteristics of Living Things

What are the 8 main characteristics of living things.

Suzanne Fenkel

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Characteristics of Living Things

Unit A Characteristics of Living Things All living things from the smallest to the largest share certain features or characteristics that determine if they are living. Study the following pictures and determine if something is living or nonliving. 1. Growth & development: Living things change and develop during their lifetime. 2. Movement: Locomotion is the movement from one place to another. Movement can also be internal. 3. Use energy: Energy is the ability to do work. Sunlight is the source of energy for many living things. All living things get energy from the sun directly like plants or indirectly like animals. 4. A life span: This is the amount of time an organism is expected to live. 5. At least one cell: Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. 6. Reproduction: All organisms produce more organisms of their own kind whether it is sexually or asexually. 7. Response to stimuli: A stimulus is something that starts a behavior, and a response is the reaction to that stimulus. Behavior is how an organism reacts. 8. Adaptation: is a trait of an organism that helps it to live in its environment Cells are the building blocks of life
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