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Portraits and Self Portraits

EDP641 Unit 5 An introduction for a 2nd grade art unit on portraits.

Elinore Malloy

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Portraits and Self Portraits

Portraits and Self Portraits
What is a Portrait?
Art that looks like a person is called a portrait.
A portrait can be a picture of one person or a group of people, like a family portrait. Today many portraits are photographs, your school picture is a portrait.
Self Portraits
Are when an artist creates a picture of him or her "self"!
Traditional Subjects in Art
Is a Selfie a Portrait?
Portraits can be a photograph, a painting, or a sculpture that is a likeness of a person, a group of people or a pet, even!
The Mona Lisa, a world famous

Still Life
Self Portrait
A photo taken of the person by the person!
A selfie is a
Self Portrait
by the artist, Leonardo DaVinci (
he was a man
not a
self -portrait
because it was painted
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