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welcome my cooking show!

radish wrap roll

Hanbyeol Jang

on 13 June 2010

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Transcript of welcome my cooking show!

Welcome to my cooking show!!! "Let's make a Radish wrap roll"! Main ingredients
Radish wraps
A peice of chicken brest
TWo color of paprika
A lot of radish sprouts
A peice of crab stick

I recommand it when guests come to house. 1st, season the chicken with salt and papper a little.
And marinate it to milk for 30 minutes.
And put into refrigerator. 2nd, wash vegetables.
Cut paprikas the same size as radish sprouts. And
tear crab stick. 3rd,boil the chicken.
And when it's done,
fish it out of water. 4th. As it cools down enough,
Make the sauce.
Mix 3 spoons of soy sauce, 3 spoons of vinegar,
2 spoons of cooking wine(I used Soju!), a spoon of peanut butter, a half spoon of sugar, grinded sesames and a half spoon of juice lamon. 5th. if chicken cools, tear it.
6th. Squeeze radish wrap. Now, all ready for making it! Make like this:
It takes long time.
so, you should need effort! Finally!!!

The end.
Thanks for your attention.
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