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Optic Engineering

No description

Elizabeth LaPerna

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Optic Engineering

Optical Engineering
By: Elizabeth LaPerna

Job Description
An Optical Engineer will focus on the designing and engineering of optic tools and products that use lasers. They might design a better camera lens that zooms closer. In optical engineering, there is the combination of engineering and physics.
They design and improve:

Education and Training
Education during high school:
Science classes: chemistry or physics
Math classes: trigonometry, algebra, and calculus.
Bachelor's degree in optical engineering or electrical engineering.
Master's or Doctorate degree to earn better pay.
Engineers can take extra training classes to keep up to date with today's technology. School that offers these degrees and the training are The University of Arizona and The University of California. Some NC schools that offer degrees related to optical engineering are:
DeVry University
Strayer University
ECPI University
ITT Technical Institute
Career Pathway:
Entry level job-
Industrial Engineer or an engineer that works with other people and resources to create a product.
Middle level job-
An engineer that deals with creating laser systems.
Advanced level job-
An engineer that creates products that deal with industrial precision and very detailed work.
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The job outlook is very good. There is a high need of optical engineers because of today's newer technology and the demand. In 20 years this job will definitely still be around.
Job Outlook
How the Job Involves Math:
This job requires doing math every day. An optical engineer may have to design and create lenses or CDs that require precise measurements. If the math is incorrect it can cause problems for the rest of the project.
How this Job Involves Communication:
This job also requires expert communication skills daily. An optical engineer use their communication skills by interacting with other scientists and engineers. Or, when presenting an idea to improve a telescope to a group of co-workers or a more important audience like the CEO.
Technical Skills this Job Requires:
Some technical skills that optical engineers require are:
Understanding math and physics.
Knowing how to operate and use a computer.
The physics of light and how it reacts to other objects.
Work Environment
Responsibilities and tasks that an optical engineer may have are:
Planning, designing and creating a product, then testing it to see if it passes the tests and follows all the requirements.
Researching different products and trying to improve upon it.
Operating lab equipment.
Creating presentations.
Holding customer seminars.
Training new recruits.
A typical day for an optical engineer can be working at a desk, where most of the brainstorming and designing occur. An engineer may go to work sites where the products are actually made or may go to laboratories to help collaborate knowledge to create the product.
Optical Engineers must be able to deal with pressure from an upcoming deadline.
Work Sites & Dress Code:
Depending on what degree and how much experience you have it can vary from:
Test sites
There are no specific dress codes for optical engineers to follow.
Job Specifics:
Tools used in this job:
Laboratory equipment
Technology used in this job:
Optic Software
Programming Language
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