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Get Over Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Why you have anxiety & panic attacks and how to get rid of them.

Steve Sekhon

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Get Over Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Get Over Panic Attacks What Are They? Panic Attacks --The Ones that Haven't Been Felt They Result from Emotions It Means You've Buried some of your Feelings in the Past What, exactly, Does THAT Mean? It doesn't Go Away! When you Bury Stuff... And Lurks in the Shadows of your Mind It Goes Underground Uneasy And Makes You Feel Lousy There's a natural way to STOP having them! But Fear No More! ...and why do you get them? Worried... Anxious... Uncomfortable... Fearful... Panicked You CAN Beat These Unpleasant It's not easy, but it WORKS! Face Them... You've Got to Square Off and... ...And Feel 'Em... Gotta to Feel 'em To Heal 'Em And HOW IN THE WORLD do you get rid of them?!! Emotional Episodes Want More Help Eliminating Anxiety? Sign up For Daily Inisights In the Box Above Ask Yourself
What They Mean What is it Trying
to Tell You? Sit With them Feel It Once
Feel Them They're
Go And
It Won't
Again !!! Because Fear
Can't Live In The Light of Your Awareness Practice This
As Often As
You Can And It
Will Set
You Free! Here's How To Do it:
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