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"The Last Spin" by Evan Hunter

No description

Augustine Gomez

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of "The Last Spin" by Evan Hunter

Tigo and Danny sat across the table, trying to figure out how to settle their differences from each other's club.
Their idea was to insert one cartridge into a six chamber gun, spin it until it was stopped, then attempt to shoot themselves, hoping it landed on an empty chamber.
They got to know each other, asking about each other's lives and started liking each other.
They went back and forth all night. They eventually had a total of three cartridges out of six chambers to make the settlement even harder.
"The Last Spin" by Evan Hunter
They eventually agreed to tell each other's club members that no one was shot. They became friends even though they were enemies, and decided to make plans with each other after one last spin.
It was the final spin. Danny put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. His head exploded, as Tigo put his own head on the table and cried.
Summary (Cont.)
Yes, the plot is very predictable. The title gives it away once the story mentions how they decide to settle their differences.
Both Tigo and Danny are the protagonists. Neither of them are antagonists, although they are both enemies.
The major conflict of the story is that both men are risking their lives when they pull the trigger. Someone needed to be shot so their differences were settled. It becomes more dangerous as more cartridges are added.
There was a sense of foreshadowing, only because there was going to be one last spin. Neither of the men were shot, so it was almost obvious that someone would be on the last spin.
Yes, the conflict was resolved at the end. Danny was shot. Both men thought he wouldn't have gotten shot just because their chances were lucky all night, but now their differences were settled.
Plot (Cont.)
Tigo and Danny had the same characteristics. They were both very brave, intelligent, and independent. They also had a lot of confidence.
The author reveals these by showing that they became friends. They were very much alike.
I don't identify with the protagonists because I wouldn't have been able to do what they did. They were very brave.
I see the gun as being the antagonist because it ruins the friendship Tigo and Danny had made.
The setting is in a room with just a sawed-off small table between the two.
Yes, the setting is important because they wouldn't have been able to settle their differences this way if they were in public.
Yes, the setting is symbolic because it's where they built their friendship, yet where Danny died.
Yes the setting served as an antagonist because Danny died there.
I think the theme of the story is that you really don't know someone unless you get to know them. The men were enemies just because they were from different clubs,
The theme is developed over time in the story because at first they didn't like each other but then they became friends.
Style, Mood, and Tone
The style pretty much remains constant in the story. He doesn't change it at all.
The mood of the story is a sense of happiness then switches to more of a sentimental feeling. This is because as a reader, I felt happy because they became friends, but felt sentimental because Danny died.
The tone throughout the story is very serious. It is like that throughout the whole story from beginning to end.
I liked this story because it was a great one. It wasn't hard to understand and had a great meaning to it.
The only way the story could've been better is if it was longer. It wasn't a bad story at all.
No, there isn't anything I'd like to add.
The title relates to the story because it tells there will be a last spin. Yes, it's symbolic because that last spin means something.
The author wrote this story because he's an author and to teach something out of it.
No, the author didn't leave any loose ends.
I don't think the story addresses any broad social issues.
Augustine Gomez
Period 1
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