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Matt Taylor

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Matt Taylor

"Nowhere to Call Home"

Timeline By: Matt Taylor
The stock market crashes.
Mr. Barrow's business is bankrupt.
Mr. Barrow kills himself.
Frances Elizabeth Barrow is left penniless and an orphan.
Chapters -
Chapters -
Chapters s -
Matt Taylor
Author: Cynthia DeFelice
Frances has to move in with her Aunt Bushnell in Chicago.
The bank has to foreclose Frances's house.
The maids and servants are forced to move out of the house.
Junius decides to become a hobo.
Frances is finally realizing that her father is gone and that she can't make him proud.
Frances redeems her train ticket for money.
Frances decides to dress like a boy and cut her hair in order to jump a train.
Frances jumps into a boxcar.
Frances meets a hobo in the same boxcar as her. His name is Stewpot.
Stewpot nicknames Frances "Frankie Blue".
Chapters -
Frances and Stewpot get off the train at Pittsburgh and later find five other hobos. (Tex, Blink, Vera, Happy Joe, and Dot.)
Stewpot and Frankie work for food and bring it back to their new friends.
Three more hobos come to where Frankie and the 6 others are. (Slim Jim, Split, and Omaha Red.)
Another hobo joins named Peg-leg Al.
They all have a feast together.
Chapters -
Red and his gang steal the valuable things from Frankie's bag.
Frankie and Stewpot decide to head west but first grab some food for the ride.
Frankie buys a knife.
Stewpot and Frankie jump a train while it was moving.
Chapters -
Stewpot teaches Frankie how to do wood carvings.
Frankie and Stewpot jump off a train at Cincinnatti.
Frankie and Stewpot work for food at a nice lady's house.
Chapters -
Frankie and Stewpot jump a train and head to St. Louis.
Frankie tells Stewpot that she is a girl, only to find out that he figured that out already.
Stewpot tells Frankie his real name, James Haskell.
Frankie and Stewpot were found by the "bulls" and taken to jail. They were told to take the first train out of town in the morning.
Frankie and Stewpot go to the Mission to get food and rest.
Chapters -
Chapters -
Stewpot dies.
Jack and Frankie bury Stewpot.
Frankie goes to her Aunt Bushnelle's house in Chicago.
Frankie sees a hobo mark that means nice lady at her Aunt's house.
Frankie and Stewpot get ready to go to Montana and the Rocky Mountains.
Frankie spends her money to buy medicine, food, and warm attire for the trip north
Frankie and Stewpot get on a train that heads north.
Stewpot reveals that he can't read very well.
Stewpot's condition is growing worse.
Frankie and Stewpot reach Hooverville and another 'bo named Jack helps them.
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