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Dangers & Consequences of Drug Abuse

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Kaleigh Smith

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Dangers & Consequences of Drug Abuse

Dangers & Consequences of Drug Abuse
Drug abuse leads to unhealthy and dangerous addiction. Drugs cause poor health, physical and mental affects, and disintegrates your life, and the lives of others.
It doesn’t just affect you, but everyone around you. Your social life is affected by the loss of your time, dedication, and participation in relationships. You the lose trust and respect they had for you. Your mind is altered by the overuse of drugs and your education suffers from your inability to do schoolwork. Your body is affected by the unhealthy use of drugs as well, and it prevents you from acting normally.
Justin Churchman: A Home Builder
When Justin Churchman was 12-years-old his school did an annual project where they built a home for on of the many poor families who lived in Mexico just across the border from where Justin lived. But they had to discontinue the project because of serious drug abuse in the area.
Druge Abuse vs. Obesity
Drug abuse is very similar to obesity. Obesity happens because people don’t have self-control, their stressed, pressured, family or social life is going well, and, quite simply, they are ignorant of the consequences.
If we just educate the public on the dangers of drugs, overuse levels and illegal trading would go down. Now, there probably still would be people who used drugs because of the short positive affects it has, even though it does not compensate for the lasting, negative affects. But, the use of drugs would still go down and everyone would benefit.
More Solutions
Even though some adults may be in denial and ay not teach their kids to say no to drugs, we still have other ways to teach society.
Another reason why drug abuse is horrible is that is costs our country millions of dollars to compensate for illegal drug trading, stealing, and other criminal events.
Why Not To Do Drugs
Experts received data from a survey saying the reason why youth participate in drug abuse is because of peer pressure, academic failure, bad social or family life, curiosity, or exposure to drugs when very young.

Drugs are not to be tampered or experimented with. They are not just “cool” things to play with. They are very harmful and dangerous. There is a reason why it is illegal. And it may be cool or fun now, but later in life you will be sorry as you realize you are addicted and see the disastrous affects. But you can have help. There are many associations and societies out there specifically built to help people like you

Drug abuse can and should be stopped. All that we need to do is educate the public on the dangers and affects and encourage and help all of those who are in danger of drug abuse to just say no.
Also, many accidents happen. You do stupid and unrealistic things when you are under the influences of drugs. And if you drive after recently taking some you increase the chance of an accident. And also it can affect seemingly unrelated people in surprising ways.
Later on, Justin was inspired to build more homes from the project and he did until 18-years-old.

But think how much more he could have done if the school was still helping him. And all of this happened because of a group of people who abused drugs, It can affect the world in ways you did not think of before.
Drug abuse is exactly the same. And some people even do it because they think it will be fun or they are curious to know what happens if they use it.
The solution is so simple, so easy. And many associations and societies are trying to awaken the public to the dangers.
More Problems
Unfortunately, several adults don’t care about the consequences of drug abuse, don’t realize the disastrous affects, or are in denial of it, and ignore it.
This is startling news, because adults are the ones that need to educate the youth, and if they are in denial, then it will affect everyone around them.
For example, there are schools that can teach kids. And, as I have said before, many groups and associations that have a goal of teaching kids about it.
Hopefully, the rising generation will all be taught and drug abuse can finally be pulled down to a small or no amount of abusing.
If we stopped drug abuse then our country would be able to spend that money on other pressing problems, making us run more efficiently.
Now that you are educated of the dangers & consequences of drug abuse, I hope that you will share your knowledge with others and help prevent it.
We are so close to finishing drug abuse in America, and I hope we will soon.
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