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A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Bad Beggining

No description

Samantha Ong

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Bad Beggining

A Series of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning Characters Starring: Setting In: Are: The Bad Beginning is the First book of The Series of Unfortunate Events. Violet Baudelaire Klaus Bauldelaire Sunny Baudelaire Count Olaf Violet Baudelaire is 14 years old and the eldest of the Baudelaire children,she is smart and tries to be safe. She has long black hair and wears a long-sleeve purple dress along with tights and brown shoes. Her speciality is to invent things. While she invents, she wears a purple ribbon in her hair.Violet invents grappling hooks, a knot; The Devil's tongue, and lots more. These items help the Baudelaires in a spooky house and tower.I think she is an important character because then the Baudelaires and herself would be trapped and Sunny would have died. Klaus Bauldelaire is 12 years old and he is the middle Baudelaire child. He has long,black hair too, and wears black, round glasses. He wears a black suit, and brown shoes. He has the ability to read a thick scientific book and understand every word. I think he is an important character to all the Baudelaires because he gave Violet the idea of a grappling hook to save Sunny. Sunny Baudelaire is only a year old. She is the youngest Baudelaire sibling. She is a daring, outgoing, risky gal. She wears a yellow ribbon on her bald head, a light pink dress, and tiny shoes. She likes to bite many things. Sunny helps by retriving, cutting, and destroying things. Her character is also important because her biting skills managed to save her sister and herself. Count Olaf is a dirty, mischievious, evil man. The Baudelaires were left an enormous fortune after their house and their beloved parents perished in a fire. Count Olaf has white hair, and probably wears a XXS long-sleeve shirts and pants. He has a tatoo of an eye on his ankle and only one eyebrow. Count Olaf is the villan of the story. He is full of tricks, to get a hold of that fortune. He dangled Sunny off a tower and forced Violet to marry him. Sunny Baudelaire is only a year old and she is the youngest Baudelaire child. She is a daring, outgoing, risky gal and wears a yellow ribbon on her bald head, a light pink dress, and tiny shoes. She likes to bite many things, anything could please her teeth. Sunny helps by retrieving, cutting, and destroying things. Her character is also important because her biting skills managed to save her sister and herself. Solutions The house Briny Beach The Marriage Room Violet Baudelaire Sunny Baudelaire Klaus Baudelaire Count Olaf The
Marriage the
cage The Marriage Room The marriage room is where Violet was forced to marry Count Olaf. She had to say " I do" because then Sunny, who was in a bird cage, would be dropped down a very high tower. CHARACTERS SETTING SOLUTIONS Briny Beach Briny Beach is where the Baudelaires play and have fun. It is also the place Mr.Poe, a banker, went to tell them that their parents and their house perished. The House The house is Count Olaf's house. It is creepy, the grass is yellow. Everything is broken. When they came in the house, the roof had broken, the kitchen is messy, it has rats everywhere. PICTURES COUNT OLAF STUCK IN A CAR NOT THE PICTURES YOU WILL SEE VIOLET BAUDELAIRE READING PARENT'S NOTE THE BAUDELAIRES SLEEPING The Marriage The marriage started when Count Olaf wanted to marry Violet to get the fortune. He made a plan, he made a play called the marvalous marriage, but it wasn't a play, it was for real! But when you marry, you sign a contract, and Violet signed her name with her left hand, instead of her right! So she escaped. The Cage To threaten Violet to say "I do," Count Olaf put Sunny in a bird cage off a tower and if she says " I don't," he will summon one of his helpers to throw Sunny down the tower. To save Sunny, Violet had invented a grappling hook to help maneuver her down the tower. Plot Violet, Klaus and Sunny 's house is burnt down. The Baudelaires go to live with Count Olaf Count Olaf tries to get the fortune by making Violet marry him and threatened her by dangling Sunny off a tower. Violet says "I do" Violet signs the marriage contract with her left hand as a trick so she is considered not married to Count Olaf. THE END Count Olaf made theBaudelaires do many chores Count Olaf wanted the fortune instead of the children. Sunny is released when Count Olaf found out that he is not married to Violet, and the Baudelaires escaped. BEGINNING RISING ACTION CLIMAX FALLING ACTION RESOLUTION
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