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Huck Finn: Education/Ignorance

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Brenna Pescador

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Huck Finn: Education/Ignorance

Jim- A Fine Teacher
In Huckleberry Finn
Education has come a long way since the days of Huckleberry Finn
New developments in technology, learning techniques, and teaching have contributed to a more sophisticated, complex, and thorough education system in the United States
For example, studies have provided evidence that different students respond differently to the same style of teaching
Some respond better to hands-on experience, some respond better to lectures, and so on
New and creative learning devices have emerged for memorizing information
"The Bone Dance" is an example of a creative way to memorize the bones in the body
In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim acts as a teacher to Huck and Huck is taught life lessons. Jim teaches Huck a moral lesson is when Jim and Huck’s rafts get separated on the Mississippi River. This event is an opportunity for Huck to play a trick on Jim. When they find each other, Huck tells Jim that he was dreaming and that they were never separated. Huck later tells Jim that they actually were separated, and expects Jim to laugh. The laughter does not come. Instead, Jim tells him, “dat truck dah is trash; en trash is what people is dat puts dirt on de head er dey fren’s en makes ‘em ashamed”. Huck then realizes that he has made a mistake, and that Jim also has feelings. He says, “It was 15 minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a nigger; but I done it, and I wasn’t ever sorry for it afterward, neither.” This event teaches Huck that when he makes a mistake, it is necessary to apologize.
Jim also teaches him principles directly through their conversations and debates. "Jim said he reckoned that the widow was partly right and that Pap was partly right, so the best way would be or us to pick two or three things from the list and say we wouldn't borrow them anymore". Jim taught Huck how to combine what he had been taught so far and how to rationalize. He also taught Huck little fables and old wives tales such as the 'bad luck if ya touch a rattlesnake' and 'a hairy breast mean ya gonna be rich sumday..."Jim says you mustn't catch a bird cause it's death and you mustn't count the thing you're ganna cook for dinner cause it's bad luck". Jim teaches him both lessons that are essential to life and ones that are not true, but amusing and make life interesting.
Huck is initially reluctant to learn
Experiences in Education Today
Topic #3: Education Has Evolved
Topic # 1: Education
in the Book
The objective of this her presentation is to make connections between Mr. Twain's novel Huckleberry Fin and educational in modern civilized society

The topics we will covers are
Education in in Huck Finn
How life experience relates to education
How Education has Evolved
How ignorance has Evolved
Conclusion of how the theme of education is woven throughout Huck Finn
By:Brenna & Sydeny
Huck is a logical thinker
Huck is a logical thinker
Challenge #2:
"Whachu know about witches?"
Learning today consists of hands-on teaching techniques.
There is a sense of competitiveness between students and different schools.
Students get to learn with the help of visuals presented by means of technology, which was non-existent during Huck's time.
Students today have more access to books than Huck did.
Today's typical classroom is more open to discussion, so students learn from each others' ideas.
In Alexandra Robbins's book, "The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids," she discusses how kids today experience a lot more pressure compared to those in the past. Basically, the typical student today experiences an excessive amount of pressure in their school environment.
When Huck attends school regularly, he is literate
However, he is not necessarily intelligent- he is clever
Huck thinks he is going to Hell because of what society taught him
Learning Experience vs. a Normal Student's
back then we learned survival skills through the help of others, which most students do not have a chance to learn through school.
Regular students learn in a classroom-type setting, whereas Huck learns in nature (the raft, in the woods).
In a typical school, the learning revolves around reading and writing. Huck does not learn through any sort of writing because he does not have access to any necessary materials on his journey. He learns more through personal experience and reflection
most people get to "see the world" while he is learning because of all of the traveling that he experiences throughout the story. On the other hand, students essentially have to remain on school property to attend classes.
The average student generally sees the same people everyday at school. However, in others situation, they get to learn through many of the people they meet throughout there life (the Grangerfords, the Phelps).
The Bone Dance
When Huck befriends Jim, he begins to learn better morals
-He is also against learning behavioral norms (A.K.A. becoming "civilized")
-He thinks Tom's escape plans are ridiculous
-He realizes the way Jim is treated is wrong
Throughout the novel, Huck is
continually learning
In Chapter 1, he learns about Moses
He becomes literate and learns math at school in Chapter 4
Huck also memorizes the monologue that the duke recites
In Chapter33, Huck learns through his experiences that a person's
conscience doesnt always make sense
Topic #2: Experience and Education
1. List 3 examples of emerging educational
2. List 5 ways technology has changed the
educational experience
3. What are the 4 stages of the learning
cycle according to Dr. David Kolb's research?

4. What are the four basic learning styles
that Kolb developed through his research?
As a theme in Huckleberry Finn, education is present both morally and literally
By focusing on Huck's education, Twain weaves a novel of maturation and development. Huck
distrusts the morals and precepts of the society that labels him an outcast and fails to protect
him from abuse. His apprehension about society and his growing relationship with Jim lead
Huck to question what he has been taught regarding race. Time and time again, we see him
choosing to "go to hell" rather than go along with what he's been taught. Huck bases these
decisions on his experiences, his own sense of logic, and what his ever- developing conscience
tells him. On the raft, away from civilization, Huck is a kind of natural thinker. Through
introspection, he comes to his own conclusions. He is unaffected by the accepted, and
often hypocritical, precepts of Southern culture. Early in the novel, Huck learns to read books-a
skill that later serves him well in a literal sense- by the end of the novel, Huck has learned to
"read" the world around him, to distinguish good, bad, right, wrong, enemy, and friend. His
moral development is sharply contrasted to the character of Tom Sawyer, who is influenced by
an eclectic mix of adventure novels and Sunday-school teachings, which he combines to justify
his outrageous and potentially harmful plans and escapades.
In today's society, education is increasingly relevant and
Technology will continue to develop and contribute to a better, more complex, and more interesting learning experience for students and teachers alike
Who said it?
ignorance Quotes
How ignorance is used today
"I thought it all out, and reckoned i would belong to the widow if he wanted
me, though i couldn't make out how he was a going to be any better
off then than what he was before, seeing i was so ignorant, and so kind
of low-down and ornery"
" i studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to
myself: 'all right,then, ill go to hell'...and tore it up"
"why, nothing -- only it's on account of the feud"
kids being in poor countries
kids not having enough education like us
people with jobs
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