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Orpheus & Hercules

No description

Kathryn Moore

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Orpheus & Hercules

Orpheus & Hercules
Created By:
Kathryn Moore
Josh Rader
Quotes (continued)
"Especially to them. The gods can work by indirect influence only. That is why I give you a warning, and a gift."
What do they mean?
These quotes tell us that Orpheus had great music skills. It tells that Hercules had great strength. Also, it tells that Orpheus and Hercules are both mortals. These quotes prove that this info is true. This proves what Orpheus and Hercules can do.
Research Questions
1. What does Orpheus do?
2. Why did Hercules have great strength?
3. How did they become mortals?
4. Why are they important?
5. How did they get their talents?
Orpheus' Mom gave him the gift of music. There was no limit to his power when he played and sang . He dared more than any other man ever dared for his love. Nobody under the spell of his voice could refuse anything he said.
Origins (cont.)
Hercules had the power of strength. He was more powerful than many gods. Hercules was the last son of Zeus. Terrible things happened to him because of Hera's hatred tward him.
Origins (cont.)
Hercules was a mortal because his parents were. mortals. Hera was jealous of Hercules. Hercules killed his own children. Hercules was related to Zeus. Zeus was his father.
Origins (cont.)
Orpheus was related to other mortals in his family. Orpheus grew up in the deep woods. He could sing and play so good, the trees and rocks started dancing. Apolo gave him his first lyre.
Theme of Myth
The Greeks came up with this because they wanted to tell others about what they believed back then. They were trying to explain how music was created by Orpheus and how strength came from Hercules.
Novel Extension
He wanted to teach us about the gods of the myth so we can understand it.

The Greek Mythology was part of his life and family.

Novel Extension cont.
We understand Greek Mythology better from this book.
www.ucu.edu,Author:Ann Woodleif, title: The story of Orpheus and Eufadice told by: Apolon Sponsors: No Sponsors. Date Accessed: 11/13
www.greekmythology.com, Accessed: 11/13/13, Author: n/a, Sponsors: n/a, Created: year 2000
www.mythweb.com, title: Hercules, Date accessed: 11/13/13, Sponsors: N/A, Author: N/A
"I know your journey to Hades realm, she said." "Few mortals have ever done this and survived: Orpheus, who had great music skills; Hercules, who had great strength; Houdini, who could escape even the depths of Tartarus. Do you have these talents?"
Svend Karlsen was a man who was the strongest man in the world. Hercules also had great strength. Beethoven had great music skill like Orpheus.
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