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5 ethnic groups (immigration)

No description

nicole mobley

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of 5 ethnic groups (immigration)

Double click anywhere & add an idea The year 1871, 400,000 Italians had emigrated,
this number increased though. In 1870, 20.000 Italians emigrated per year. Most emigrants hailed from Northern Italy.
As time passed, the South became the place
of origin for most emigrants. From 1906 to
1915, as much as 2 million italians emigrated. Mexico has gone from 9 millionto 20 million in 20 years. During the years
1996-1998, marks the time the mexicans went to war.
alot of mexicans migrate to america because of the freedom we have. Mexico italy Fililpinos Filipinos celebrated their independence
from spain on jun 12, 1898. people in the Phililppines were never truly
free. in fact, they NEVER were. Polish polish people came to america for the same reason as most immigrants did. turkish immigrants boats on the charles rockies near vail they also came to america because of the war
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