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The Battle of Salmon Run

An exploratory, thematic unit linking the three circles of the curriculum

Kirby Reardon

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of The Battle of Salmon Run

The Battle of Salmon Run:
Lessons Learned Through The Life Cycle of a Salmon
Ted Williams, a Hall of Fame baseball player for the Boston Red Sox and avid fly fisherman, once noted that if there was only one fish he was allowed to fish for it would be the Atlantic Salmon. Known in the science world as salmo salar, translated "leaper", this once abundant fish is now on the U.S. and Maine endangered species list. What happened? Was it just due to human actions or did mother nature have a hand in their current status as well? Will its population ever return to its natural condition? What's being done to help it survive? How hard is it for Atlantic Salmon to survive in its natural habitat even under normal circumstances? What can we learn about our own human condition through the lens of the Atlantic Salmon life cycle? Let's answer these, and many more, as we explore this amazing animal!
Working Towards Team Goals
Meeting Quality Standards
Maintaining a Growth Mindset
Decision Making
Reading: Informational: Central Idea
Reading: Informational: Text Structure and Features
Writing: Types and Purposes: Informative/Explanatory
Writing: Types and Purposes: Writing Process
Life Science: Biodiversity
Life Science: Environmental Science
Life Science: Heredity
Government and Civics: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Salmo Salar - The Great Leaper!
Native Americans using one technique to catch Atlantic Salmon, but did this fishing method have something to do with them becoming endangered?
A cleaner source of electricity, but what effect do they have on salmon?
Our fishermen and women work hard to keep up with the supply and demand of human's needs for fish. Is human consumption a factor in creating an endangered population of salmon?
What are the impacts of these human choices on the salmon population at each of its stages of the life cycle?
Do humans not even living near rivers and streams where salmon spawn have something do with salmon being endangered?
Will we ever be able to fly fish for Atlantic Salmon in Maine like they do for King Salmon in Alaska?
Even when there was no human impact on Atlantic Salmon, how hard was it for them to survive during their natural life cycle?
Statistics and Probability: Data Analysis
Geography: Maps and Tools
Team Atlantic August 29th, 2013
Fireside Chat

1. Introduction of Learning Coaches

2. Explanation of Daily Schedule (Elizabeth)

3. The Battle of Salmon Run (Kirby)

4. Google Sites - Team and Salmon Run

4. Miscellaneous (Kevin)
Laptops - When?
Conferences with Learning Coaches
How best to contact us

5. Question and Answer Session (Allison)
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