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Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes: Group 1

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Mary Martin

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes: Group 1

Greek and Latin
Roots and Affixes:
Group 1

Power Roots
and Affixes
1. On the handout, list as many words as you can think of that contain the root or affix for each number.
2. Count the number of words that you knew alone and add the number to *1 at the bottom of the handout.
this by
3. With your elbow partner, share the words you were able to generate for each root/affix. Make sure to add your partner's strong examples to your list for each root/affix.
4. Count the number of words that you added with the help of your partner, and add that number to **2 at the bottom of the handout.
5. With your partner, go back and look at the words you generated for each root or affix. Based on these example words, write a short definition for each root/affix in the margin beside the number.
1. ad
adhere, addition, adhesive, adapt, addict, advocate
Prefix Definition: to,toward
2. bi/bin
bicuspid, bicycle, biped, bipolar, binoculars, binary, bimonthly
Prefix Definition: two
3. cata
catatonic, catacomb, cataclysm, catalog, catastrophe
Prefix Definition: down
4. de
deposit, descend, denounce, deduct, demolish, deplete, despicable
Prefix Definition: down
5. mal
malnourish, malpractice, malicious, malcontent, malevolent, malady, malfunction, malnutrition
Prefix Definition: bad
6. omni
omnipotent, omnivore, omniscient, omnifarous, omnibus
Prefix Definition: all
7. under
understudy, underachieve, underground, underage, underarm
Prefix Definition: below
8. syn/sym
synthetic, synchronize, syndrome, synonym, symbol, symmetry, symphony, sympathy, symbiosis
Root Definition: together
9. sol
solo, solitary, sole, soliloquy, solitare
Root Definition: alone
10. pend
suspend, pending, pendulum, pendant, impending, depend
Root Definition: hang
11. ject
eject, reject, conjecture, dejected, inject, projection
Root Definition: throw
12. bene
benefit, benign, benevolent, beneficial, benefactor
Root Definition: good
13. neo
neonatal, neoclassic, Neolithic, neophobia, neologism
Root Definition: new
14. fer
transfer, aquifer, infer, refer, defer, ferry
Root Definition: carry
15. astr/astro
astronaut, asteroid, astronomy, astrology, disaster, asterisk
Root Definition: star
16. stell
constellation, interstellar, stellar, stellify, stellate
Root Definition: star
The End
Thank you for supporting your
Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes!
Now, continue making your flashcards for all of the roots and affixes on the handout.
6. The remainder of this prezi will help you check your work. As you go through the roots/affixes, add strong examples suggested by the prezi and adjust your definition for the root/affix if necessary.
need at least
5 examples for each root/affix.
When you
have completed your Power handout, bring it to me.
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