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Shift Disturbers

A short introduction to Workplace Innovation

Dave Whittington

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Shift Disturbers

Shift Disturber?
So you want to be a ...
Personal Traits
What are the ...
skills, attitudes & behaviours
What are the ...
Tools of the Trade
methods & processes
Organizational Context
And what about the ...
strategy & culture
Creativity, Problem-Solving, and Continuous Improvement Skills
Risk Assessment and Risk-Taking Skills
Relationship-Building and Communication Skills
Implementation Skills
The new CEO - Chief Experiment Officer

"In the age of uncertainty, leaders are no longer chief decision makers. Instead they're chief experimenters who formulate hypotheses with their team, conduct experiments, and let the data speak for themselves".
Welcome to VUCA

Exploring the intersection of culture and strategy when the world is ...

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
Hear - Create - Deliver
Discover - Ideate - Prototype
Inspiration - Ideation - Implemetation
See designkit.org for more info
The three phases of Human Centered Design
The Conference Board of Canada
Index of Corporate Innovation

Corporate Culture
Workforce capacity
Organizational process and structure
Collaboration and partnerships
Investment in innovation
Innovation performance
Given that Culture eats Strategy for breakfast, here are 5 things to encourage organizational innovation:

Develop it - through investment in training and coaching.
Demonstrate it - at every opportunity, from the top down.
Reward it - by building it into review procedures.
Make space for it - even when things are crazy busy.
Celebrate it - especially when it fails.
A Simple Design Exercise

With a clean sheet of paper, a felt marker, and without using any words:

Draw how to make toast

This may seem trivial, but it helps reveal some unexpected truths.
Now repeat the exercise

Working in teams,
and using post-it notes.
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