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Chapter 7 cue for treason

No description

Jessica Daly

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 7 cue for treason

Cue For Treason
Chapter 7
Who is Kit Kirkstone!! Do you think that the title was good?
And do you have any other ideas of what it could be called? I think that the title was good, because it explained who she was! These are some ideas that i thought of. Mysterious Kit what are some of your ideas!! The summary of this Chapter is.. Plays come plague. When they got to a town where they weren't waited they got No play, no money, no hot supper, no corn fortable bed for the night. October arrived- more rains: poen concerts were just about finished. So the Desmonds, deside to take 2 horses and 2 boys and go off to London. When Kit tells Peter this, Peter hits Kit and they both fell into the Abingdon River and that is when he learns the truth about KIt Kirkstone!

Peter is still woundering who Kit is and why he is writing to Sir Phillip. Peter can't enjoy his acting or the beautifull country's they travel through knowing if Sir Phillip is waiting for him.
Kit wasn't interested in Peter or the other boys, he keeps to himselp.As the group travels father and closer to London. Peter begins to forget about Sir Phillip. As they travel from town to town the audiences get harder to please: at one town a preacher as much as blame all actors for the plague: Saying plays came sin, sin cames plague. Peter is still wondering who Kit is and why he is writing to Sir Phillip. Peter can't enjoy his acting or the beautiful countries they travel through knowing if Sir Phillip is waiting for him. New Characters Kit page 74-Mysterious -peter is worried about what kit had said about him.
Desmond’s page75-they were good to the boys
Tom denies harry page 75- other boy actors
Sir Phillip page 75- peter’s main enemy
Preacher page 77-didn’ wants anything to do with actor no matter who they were
Bice –chancellor pg. 78- band outsiders
Spaniards page 79- early settlers
God page 79- found every were in the world
Queen page 79- queen of England!!
Mother and dad page80- peter’s home sick for his mommy and daddy
Shakespeare page 81- famous play writer
New places! Court page 75
Ullswater page 75
Cumberland page 76
England pg. 76
West moorland Chester Stratford page 76
London page 77
Oxford page 78
Berkshire page 78
America page79
Narrow Bridge page 80
Derwentwater page 80
Lonsdale page 80
What do you think the laed in was? I thought that is was It was supspenseful because we found out that that Kit was a girl and not a boy. What is the Climax of this Chapter? Peter gets suspicious abour Kit and the way she acts. He wonders about her gender. Kit and Peter are finally at the long norrow bridge "No, whatever happened, I thought to myself, I must
never beg, never reveal myself as a pauper. Better to die of cold in a ditch . . ". Quote form the book! Do you think that the lead in was good? i thought that it was good becuase it always left me hanging and wanting to read on!!
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