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CSC 124

No description

derrike Kisner

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of CSC 124

Double click anywhere & add an idea Catapillar D7E Electric Drive System Exterior Design The latest design from catapillar Inc. that will revolutionsize the heavy equipment
industry. Its new electric drive components reduce the energy required to move the
machine and reduce the cost of matinence. Power Inverter The electrical current is routed through the specially
armored cables to a solid state power inverter. There
the advanced electronics send AC (alternating current)
to the propulsion module to control the motors and provide
DC (direct current) for the accessory systems. Electric Propulsion Module Consisting of state of the art AC (alternating current) motors and connected to the D7E's updated differential steering system. the propulsion module has no moving electrical contacts and relatively few moving parts. it delivers long life with greatly reduced maintenance. Beltless Design The D7E has no engine belts because most systems are powered
by electricity from the drive system. The beltless design reduces
parasitic power drag on the engine and downtime for belt repairs
and replacement. Single Lift Cylinder The D7E uses one cylinder with the same hydraulic capacity as a two
cylinder system. This cylinder delivers the same amount of power but
with half the amount of components. Grouped Service Points All of the D7E's daily service points are grouped on the
left side of the machine to provide easy access. most of
these points are accessable from ground level or in the
engine compartment. Low-Drive Configuration The D7E fetures an advanced low-drive
undercarriage design that increases the machines
versatility and this system has decreased the operating
costs by 35 to 70 percent. Self Contained HVAC System The D7e has an electrically powered heating, ventilation
and Air Conditioning System that delivers maximum performance
even at a low idle. The systems modular design help reduce service
costs through improved reliability and easy servicability. Hydraulic Demand Fan The D7E's hyraulically driven demand fan reduces fuel
consumption by matcing the fan speed to real time
cooling demand. Grade-Control Ready Every D7E comes from the factory with a grade-control
system wiring and mounting points already installed
on the machine. Which makes adding the CAT AccuGrade system
simpler to install and more economical to purchase Whats so special about this you say?

Well its the system that drives this beast.

A revolutionary Electric drive system propells this earth mover! What this means for you the Buyer. A piece of equipment that runs more efficiently and costs less to maintain. A piece of equipment that runs more efficiently,
costs less in fuel to run, and is smoother to operate. Inside the Cab 50% lower operator sound levels
The well sealed environment and viscous mounting of the D7E's cab, along
with lower engine noise from a narrower engine RPM range. Help reduce
the interior cab sound levels to a quiet 73 dba (Equivalent to a normal conversation between two people.) Fully adjustable Hand controls These new ergonomically designed, low-effort controls make operation easier
and help reduce fatigue. The steering tiller and impliment control are fully adjustable
so operators can choose a control position that allows them to work comfortably and
efficiently all shift long. Message display The display provides information to the operator such as tachometer, analog guages
for coolant temperature, oil temperature, fuel levels and an LCD display for status messages. Improved Sight Lines The angle of the doors and 35% more glass area provide
critical sightlines to the blade corners and sides of the machine. Specifications Engine Model CAT C9.3acert

Net Power 175kw/235hp

Gross Power 188kw/252hp

Operating weight 25,719kg/56,700lb

Drivetrain Electric Drive

Efficiency The D7E is 25% more efficient than its predecessor because there is no friction
clutches, for example and fewer moving parts overall. The D7E dosent even have
a driveshaft and uses no engine belts. It all adds up to less parasitic power loss and
more efficient transfer of engine power to the ground. A combination of lower fuel comsumption and high producivity due in part to
the electric drive system's infinetly variable speed control makes the D7E more
efficient than the D7R series 2 in a wide range of applications. Productivity The D7E moves 10% more material per hour than the D7R series 2 bulldozer. If you
couple the raw performance with t productivity-bosting grade control system. You
will be able to do dramatically more work in less time than ever before. The electric drive system puts more engine power on the ground more efficiently
than any other drive system on the market. Plus there are no gears to shift and no clutches
so operation is smoother and easier. Training time With no gears to shift and easier engine management the D7E helps cut training time for new
operators. This enables them to get up to speed quickly. Experienced operators also quickly learn
to take advantage of the D7E's smooth, precise control; quick responce and consistency.
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